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Treasure Trails – Wymondham

If you are like me then you’ll want to be getting outdoors whatever the weather. However, this time of year, when it’s cold, wet and windy it can be hard to find the enthusiasm for it. Harder still to get the rest of the family on board. That’s one of the many reasons we love Treasure Trails, how better to persuade a five year old out of the warm and into the cold than becoming super spies for the day, spies with a mission to solve.

Treasure Trails
Who wouldn’t want to explore Wymondham?

Whilst the majority of trails are walking trails there are also ones that can be completed by car, bike and we’ve even used a boat to complete one!!

They are all self-guided trails with themes including murder mysteries, treasure hunts and spy missions and are so much fun, plus you get to find out a bit more about your hometown or travel further afield as there are over 1,200 trails to choose from. 

Treasure Trails
Finding an answer

The trail we followed round Wymondham is far from our first, we’ve been using Treasure Trails for a few years now. We’ve explored Southwold, The Norfolk Broads and Cambridge previously and had a great time on each one. Wymondham was no exception, it was the perfect way to spend a chilly Sunday morning.

Treasure Trails
Our Spy Trail

Each trail gives you a description of the length, expected time and terrain. You can even chose pushchair or wheelchair accessible trails. They are brilliant.

As you follow the trail the directions are clear and easy to follow and you’ll be directed to find signs, images or landmarks and then complete a little task, like find a date, add up some numbers or find a name for example to complete that clue. When the trail is complete you use your answers to crack the code and can input this into the Treasure Trails website to enter into the monthly prize draw to win £100, actual treasure!

Treasure Trails
If we’d have done the trail when the museum was open we’d have definitely popped in

We spent just over an hour exploring Wymondham, it’s our home town. I visit at least once a week. I have been familiar with the town my whole life, I’ve family who live in the town, I’ve visited on school guides, love the Wymondham Heritage Museum and yet by doing the trail discovered a few things about the town I didn’t know.

Treasure Trails
How did I not work out this was a church?!

The entrance to the carpark I’ve used a million times used to be the old Fire Station and there was a Grammar School in the town centre. A building I just thought was a nice house is actually a church, no idea how I never figured that one out, it’s next to a little graveyard and has a cross in the front garden, but sometimes you don’t see things when you aren’t really looking.

Treasure Trails
It was the first time I had stopped to really appreciate the War Memorial

Some of the clues were easy to find and to solve, some we found easily but disagreed on the solution and some had us walking back and forth to find, to the point someone asked if we were OK!!! I loved the mix, it was enjoyable for everyone with L being able to get involved and help.

Treasure Trails
The stunning Abbey

I really can’t recommend Treasure Trails enough, if you’re looking for something a bit different to do close to home or want to explore somewhere new but don’t know where to start these are just perfect. At £6.99 each it makes a very affordable day out and we just adore them.

Disclosure – the Wymondham Trail was gifted to me in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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