Triominos – Review

A couple of weeks ago it was International Table Top Games Day and to celebrate we were sent a selection of classic table top games to play and review from John Adams Toys and Ideal. So here I am with game number three, TriominosOut of all we tried out on our games night Triominos was the only one I had played before. I used to love it when I was a kid and it actually bought back some really happy memories. I love the nostalgia that’s attached to games and that when a classic is created it really does last through generations.

The basic idea of the game is to score as may points as you can, just like regular dominos, only with three sides.

There is something very satisfying about this game. The shapes that you create with the triangles. The simple matching process. I especially found the weight of the De Luxe triangle very pleasing. They are solid and nice to hold in your hand. Triominos

I like that you don’t really have to ‘learn’ how to play Triominos, but that the more you play the quicker you see matches and the more moves ahead you can be in your mind.

I have noticed there is also a Triominos app, though I haven’t installed it yet as I like the feel of the tiles in my hand too much and it’s a really quick game to set up and put away. That being said I may for when we are on holiday.

The game is really well made, nice and solid. As I mentioned we have the De Luxe version and the triangles are very solid and weighty. You get your stands as well to hold the tiles as you play and even the box is triangular. Of course!

L can play too which I like, just as a number matching game but it is still good for him. Plus we like to make shapes with the Triominos, dinosaur, cat, an iffy looking train. It’s quite funny really.

I’m so happy to be able to share a childhood game I loved with my family.

Disclosure – I was gifted my game in exchange for an honest review.

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