Tuck n' Snug

Tuck n’ Snug

You may remember a little while back I attended the FunFest Blogger Summit and Brand Expo. One of the amazing brands I found there was Tuck n’ Snug so I would love to share them with you.

It’s a really simple idea to stop a really simple problem. Bed sheets and pillows that simply tuck in, to stop them falling off during the night.

Tuck n' Snug
Tuck n’ Snug


Small children squirm and wiggle and move about a lot whilst they sleep. Especially if they have just made that transition from cot to bed. When the kick all their covers off, then wake up because they are cold, it is frustrating for everybody.

When we first moved L from his cot to his bed, it also meant moving him from a sleeping bag to bedding. This is the same for a lot of parents. We looked into a lot of different things at the time but most of the bedding solutions we found involved zips or were prohibitively expensive. So we winged it and we were lucky, he settled well.

Tuck n' Snug
Such a lovely pattern

L has always been really good at bedtime but he has a seriously long bedtime routine that seems to get gradually more bizarre.

Bath, clean teeth, last wee, bedtime story from mummy, bedtime story from the cat, bedtime story from daddy, playing cars on daddy’s head, getting mummy’s pillow from mummy’s bed, getting a drink, turning his audio-book on, light off and then eventually sleep.

He doesn’t often get us up during the night but I’ve seen him on more than one occasion waking up and pulling his covers back onto the bed because he’s kicked them off. We all know disturbed sleep is no where near as good as deep sleep.

Tuck n' Snug
Pillow Case

So when I saw Tuck n’ Snug at FunFest I really wanted to try it out. It looks like normal bedding, is far less restrictive, but it stays in place. The pillow case simply has an extra tab of fabric on each side to be tucked under the mattress and the same goes for the duvet cover, excet there are three tabs, one on each side and one at the bottom.

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s simple. It is, in actual fact, genius.

When it’s on the bed it looks completely normal. The flaps have been stitched in to leave a natural looking fall on the side of the duvet. If you need a quick change during the night due to an accident, you’ve got it. The fabric is thick and amazing quality. There are loads of pattern choices, but I love our Animal Antics!

It comes in two sizes, junior bed and single bed. The tabs are long enough you can use it on any mattress.

Tuck n' Snug
Just tuck it under the mattress

For keeping bedding on it is fab. For making little ones feel safe and secure, it is also great. I think it would perfectly for that transition from sleeping bag to duvet as you could tuck them in nice and tight. Gradually loosening it off a bit. We will definitely be packing it next time we travel. We could pop the bedding onto the duvets provided, we wouldn’t have to worry about him loosing his duvet off an invariably far higher bed. I would also know he’s not going to roll right out of bed, because he’s so nicely tucked in.

The best thing is that because the pillow is attached to the bed, L has finally given me back mine!!! Woop, woop.

We really love it and so does L.

Disclosure – we were sent our bedding set in return for an honest review.

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