Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day 2021

Valentine’s isn’t one of the holidays we overly celebrate but it’s been tough recently, so I’m grabbing any holiday I can and making the most of it. There’s nothing else in my diary! Plus, now definitely seems like the time to let the people you love, know that you love them. 

I’ve been looking for some nice gifts for L and husb, some for me too, not because I can’t trust them to do it, just it’s nice to think about myself sometimes. There’s plenty to be had but I’ve narrowed my choices down to a few favourites.

Learning Resources Cross Section Flower
Perfect for a little one who loves science

For L it was quite tricky, traditional valentine’s for a 7 year old boy, it looked like chocolates for a while there but I ended up with this fab Soft Foam Cross Section Flower from Learning Resources. It splits in two so you can see all the parts that make up the flower, that’s easily one home learning session ticked off, plus it fascinates him. We love learning about the natural world together so I always add a nature twist when I can. The fact he can pull this apart and have a good look really appeals to him. He’s growing a Hyacinth in his room at the moment so it really works well and you don’t get a more classic valentine’s gift than flowers!

£15.00 Purchase from Learning Resources

Pop Out Key Ring Proper Goose
We’ve adapted the text to make it a cute gift from Mummy and Daddy with a lovely family picture.

I also got this amazing keyring from Proper Goose. L always worries about being away from us and struggles quite a bit at school, that has only gotten worse after spending so much time at home because of the lockdowns, so I thought adapting this fabulous Wooden Pop Out Keyring for him would be perfect. The card can stay at home where he’s happiest and can take the keyring with him wherever he goes.

£11.00 Purchase from Proper Goose

Under Armour from Mainline Menswear
Perfect for sports or lounging

I found a few options for husb. I found literally 100s of things I could have bought him from Mainline Menswear. With designer labels, sportswear, loungewear and footwear the choice was endless. The website is a joy to browse with easy search and filter options and a very handy size calculator. I opted for a couple of tops from his favourite brand, Under Armour, but it was really tough to choose. It was nice to find a few things that I know he will wear a lot and get a lot of use from but would have never treated himself too.

Prices Vary Purchase from Mainline Menswear

I’ve also got him a cute gift of Love Hearts scented car air fresheners from Carfume. He always has a freshener in the car and loves a scent that lasts so I thought it would be a useful and thoughtful gift and who doesn’t love a Love Heart, the fresh sweet scents of grape, vanilla, red berry and apple are lovely and they look really nice too, in fact there’s every chance I’ll swipe one for my car. Ssshhh. 

From £11.99 Purchase from Carfume

Dr Trouble Sauces
I love adding some heat to my dishes and this has an amazing flavour

Every year for Valentine’s Day we’ve always treated ourselves to a nice meal. Either something special I’ve cooked or a takeaway. This year I’ll be cooking so I’ve got a delicious Hot Sauce from Dr Trouble to add a bit of spice to the night. Handmade in small batches in Zimbabwe, there are two flavours, Oak Smoked Chilli Sauce and African Lemon Chilli Sauce. The sauces can be used on their own as hot sauce for the spice lovers, but they’re also versatile and produce a unique depth of flavour when used in recipes. Proceeds from the sale of every bottle goes back to support education and wildlife conservation initiatives in the village where the sauces are made, so everyone can feel the love.

From £7.95 Purchase from Amazon or Dr Trouble Sauce

El Camino Bracelets
I love my new steps
El Camino Bracelets
Sorry for the worn looking bracelet but I have worn it every day for several years now

For myself I’ve got some new steps for my El Camino bracelet. I love my bracelet as a way to document the places I’ve travelled and our journey together. Although not much travel has happened recently and isn’t likely to happen for a while I love the idea of getting someone a new bracelet or necklace and adding some country steps as a promise of future travels. There’s not much more romantic than that. I opted for some places I had already been to but hadn’t added yet, Norway and Andorra. Turkey where should have gone to last year but was cancelled, this is my promise that we will go when we can. Rome which I visited on my own but know L and husb would adore, so another promise. My last step was for the North Sea, close to home but the coast is likely to be the first place we head to once lockdown has lifted, going to the beach and staring out to see is something the three of love to and will always be special.

Prices vary. Purchase from El Camino

Mummy Meagz Original Roxky Road
These are a scrummy little treat

As a final little treat for me I opted for a little delivery of one of my favourite sweet treats. Rocky Road. It’s my go to treat when I’m out except I’m never out at the moment so I got it delivered in! Mummy Meagz’s Original Rocky Road bars are delicious, with a gooey Belgian chocolate centre, which nestles crunchy biscuit pieces, topped with fluffy pink and white marshmallows. They are so good. Free of gelatine, milk, eggs, gluten and nuts, these yummy treats are suitable for people following a wide range of diets, including vegans. The perfect Valentine’s treat or just any day treat if I’m honest.

From £1.49 Purchase from Holland & Barrett

Love You Hamper Buy A Gift
Such a good mix of treats, full of love

I thought it would be really nice to get something we could all enjoy too and for that I headed over to Buy a Gift who had some excellent hamper options. I really liked the Love You Hamper which has a bit of fizz, popcorn, sweets and chocolates. A nice treat that we can all enjoy snuggled together watching a movie. There’s always something rather exciting about receiving a hamper and delving in to find out what you got. I like that with this one everyone had their own favourite item, L loved the popcorn, husb was all for the jelly hearts and I enjoyed the prosecco.

£34.99 Purchase from Buy A Gift

I don’t know, I just feel like things are tough at the moment and we should take some time out to celebrate and Valentine’s Day feels more significant this year so I hope you all find something to treat yourself too, be it little or small, just take some time and be good to one another. 

Disclosure – I was gifted products to consider for this guide. I’ve only selected those I really like and would buy myself. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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