Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

It’s not long until Valentine’s Day so I’ve pulled together a few items that would make lovely gifts. Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration. 

Valentine's Day chocolates
Jenny Wren gift box

A classic gift is chocolates, but these Jenny Wren Chocolates, in an adorable box you’ll want to keep are delicious and fabulous value for money. They will be on offer in Sainsbury’s from January 22nd meaning you can pick up a box for £6.49, saving £1.50. All 12 chocolates you’ll find inside are amazing.

De-Stress and Unwind for Valentine's Day
Indigo Herbs De-Stress and Unwind

The De-Stress and Unwind Gift Set from Indigo Herbs is a perfect gift for Valentines. Chamomile Tea so help soothe and relax, an essential oil mix and massage oil for a romantic evening. At £19.99 for a lovely gift box, filled with amazing product, you are not breaking the bank and it’s a perfect gift for busy couples.

Useful but cute valentine's day gift
Cotton Tail

I love this cute ceramic rabbit that stores your cotton wool balls ‘Cotton Tail’. A gift that is practical and useful, but also truly gorgeous. It sits perfectly at home on any dressing table and stops you having a giant bag of cotton wool kicking about. The plain white finish will go with any style of decor. It’s £9.99 from Paladone.

Grumpy Valentine's Day
A great gift for a grumpy one

I know Valentine’s Day is supposed to be romantic and a bit soppy. But what if you’re just not like that. Husband for example is one of the grumpiest being’s on the planet. It’s a standing joke in our house. So to get him a teddy or chocolates would be waste. New socks and a mug however, well those he’ll use, especially if the feature Grumpy. This Grumpy Gift Set from Paladone is stocked by MenKind and is £12.99.

Valentine's Day Gift Set
7th Heaven Top to Toe set

7th Heaven recently launched Loads of beauty hampers, topped up with fantastic treats for your skin, hair and body. These beauty hampers won’t break the bank, and are guaranteed to leave the recipient feeling pampered and beautiful from head to toe. They are available to buy in store or online from Argos and I love the Top to Toe Treats set at £9.99.

personalised cushion from GiftPup
personalised cushion from GiftPup

For a lovely personalised gift I really like this Ampersand Cushion from GiftPup. Add your names and the year you met or were married and it’s a lovely gift. I love a good cushion and have a lovely collection of them. This will fit right in. It’s plain, simple and stylish. Plus it’s only £24.99.

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast

Why not find the perfect way to celebrate your unique relationship with itty bittys from Hallmark. Are you Disney fans? Was Beauty & the Beast a film you went to see together. Or have you shared a Lady & The Tramp spaghetti moment? Maybe Superheroes are your thing, in which case Spiderman or Thor might be more fitting. There is definitely going to be one of these cute collectable toys for you. They are £6.00 each.

Rose Petal Soap
Rose Petal Soap

I love these cute heart shaped tins filled with roses made from soap from Premium Products UK. You can take one petal at a time and lather up, or pop on display in a room to enjoy the scent. I suppose you could also hide them away in a draw or wardrobe for lovely rose scented clothes, but that seems a shame. It makes a rather elegant gift and can be used however you want, regardless you’ll be left with a very cute tin. The small tin pictured, with three roses is £9.99

Peaky Blinder Trio
Peaky Blinder Trio

As ever I’ve saved my favourite item for last! A gift guide from me, wouldn’t be a gift guide without Gin. You all know if I had to pick one gift it would be Gin. But how to make it something the other half would like too? Thankfully 31Dover had the solution, a fabulous spiced Peaky Blinder Gin. His fave TV show and my fave tipple. It’s a beautiful drink and a great price at £24.99. The botanicals are amazing, well worth a try. Oh and if Gin isn’t your thing there’s a Peaky Blinder Rum and a Whiskey available too.

Disclosure – I have been sent a selection of items to consider for Valentine’s Day Coverage. I have only recommended those I truly would buy myself.

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