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A Valentine’s Gift You Can Make This Weekend

Hobbycraft are a one stop shop for your crafting needs and they have got loads of projects you can make this weekend ready for Valentine’s Day next week. I have chosen a lovely Cross Stitch but there is loads more inspiration over on the Hobbycraft Blog.

Valentine's craft
What I used

I chose my project for three very simple reasons. One, cross stitch was my first craft love and I love the calmness that sitting stitching away gives me. Two, I could picture exactly where the finished project would sit in my home. Three, I loved the sentiment and that it was romantic enough for Valentine’s Day but true enough to display all year.

What I used

Feeling Calm
Getting started on a project is always fun

The Cross Stitch

This part was easy. Just follow the instructions given in the kit.

I loved this Home and Heart kit because it came with everything I needed to use, including a hoop. It was a nice combination of Cross Stitch and Embroidery. Perfect for beginners and nice and quick, I completed it in two days.

Valentine's craft
Washing is important, really, don’t skip this step

The white sailcloth is pre-printed with the design, so you can easily follow it. It was so simple and so enjoyable. Plus the finished design looks amazing.

I gave it a wash, which is important to get rid of any oils from your hands that will have got into the fabric. It keeps it fresh and makes it last longer.

Then I ironed it flat. When doing this make sure to put your stitching into a towel to protect it from the iron.

Valentine's craft
Iron flat



I chose to pop my finished creation into a box frame. I really like the depth they offer and the modern finish they provide. For me it meant a more fitting finish for my home.

The cross stitch kit is standalone, designed to be displayed in the hoop, but I just prefer the framed finish.

Valentine's craft
Cut the board to size

The first thing I did was cut the mounting board to fit the frame. A simple square that fits snuggly in the frame. You will need a good, sharp scalpel for this and some type of cutting board or mat.

Then using the inner circle from the stitching hoop I traced out the circle shape I would need in the centre of my cut square.

Taking it slowly I used my scalpel to cut out the circle. It is important you keep it in one piece.

Valentine's craft
Create the circle

I used a nail file to smooth any rough edges from the circle.

Stretch your design over the circular part of the mounting board, making sure it is central. With a loose running stitch gather the fabric at the back to secure it.

Then you pop the circle with the stitching back into the whole in the centre of the square mounting board.

You can then put it into the frame and put it back together.

Valentine's craft
Secure the stitching round the back of the circular mount



I used a thick mounting board to give the project some depth and a slightly raised appearance.

Alternatively you could just buy a pre-cut mount to place over the design before framing or display it in the embroidery hoop.

Enjoy it. Give as gift or keep for yourself. It’s filled with love either way.

Feeling Calm
Completed Cross Stitch

Disclosure – I have received the products to make this project in return for the article.

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