Valentine's Day Gifts from intu Chapelfield

Valentine’s Gifts from intu Chapelfield

With under a week to Valentine’s Day I was set a challenge to get some Valentine’s Gifts from intu Chapelfield. I was given a £50 gift card and asked to buy a gift for my son, a gift for my husband and a gift for myself.

Valentine's Day Gifts from intu Chapelfield
Read to the end to find out about a fun Valentine’s Day competition

As this is all from the high street, there’s no need to worry about delivery times or if things are as described on screen, so it doesn’t matter that I’m shopping last minute, it only matters that I can do it all in one place.

Before my shopping trip I had a picture in my head of what I would get. The boys were going to be easy. L would love anything with wheels, so maybe pop into the Disney Store or The Works. I do like The Works, they have some great toys, books and craft materials for next to nothing.

Husb would also be easy. A Blu-Ray from HMV or pretty much anything from Sports Direct, though sporting goods don’t seem very Valentine’s-ey, so I’d probably stick with a Blu-Ray so we could have a cosy night in.

I had no idea what I would get myself though. I’d probably end up in Flying Tiger, I’m obsessed with that store, I think it might be my spiritual home. Obviously I’d look around elsewhere. Or I could be extravagant and get myself a new bead for my Pandora Bracelet.

So when I actually went shopping did I stick to plan? Well here’s what I got.

Valentine's Day Gifts from intu Chapelfield
If only this would have fitted my phone

The centre’s newest store, Skinny Dip, caught my eye. I do love checking out a new store and with super cool bags, stationery, phone cases and jewelry I figured I would definitely be able to find myself something. Everything is soooo Insta worthy. But my eye had already turned by something in another shop and the phone case I had fallen in love with ‘Long Romantic Strolls Down the Wine Aisle’ didn’t fit my phone.

Valentine's Day Gifts from intu Chapelfield
I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this

As per the plan I headed to The Works to find something for L but ended up with something for me. Yey. They had a big stack of LED Lightboxes by the door, I’d spied them as I left House of Fraser and just had to go back. I have always wanted a Lightbox, you know, for work purposes, so that’s what I treated myself to. It’s great because I don’t think it would cross my husband’s mind to get for me and I really will get a lot of use out of it. I’m so excited.

Valentine's Day Gifts from intu Chapelfield
Perfect for the boy

Then I headed across to Boots, I was mainly looking to see of they had any crazy Christmas reductions. Which they do, so if you like the Fabletics Toiletries you should pop in, there’s a whopping 70% off and they had some of the Zoella Advent calendars too. I found the perfect gift for L, a Paw Patrol Bath Set. Nothing says I love you more than a fresh and clean child. It’s a gift for us all. As an added bonus when I went to the till to pay, it turns out I had enough Boots points to pay for it, so my gift card could go towards some unexpected extras.

Valentine's Day Gifts from intu Chapelfield
A few hours of entertainment for husb

I stuck to my plan for husb and popped into HMV. He has got a box set of all the Alien films on Blu-Ray. It’s definitely a gift for him as I shall not be watching them!! I shall leave him to watch his films and go and have a bath, so it’s win win really.

Valentine's Day Gifts from intu Chapelfield
Extra goodies from Clinton’s

Due to the Advantage Card win at Boots I headed to Clinton’s to really finish off my gifts. I got the boys a gift bag each, some heart tissue paper, a card for L as I had already sorted one out for husb, L’s has Guinea Pigs and Googly Eyes he’ll love it. I also picked up some little bags of heart sweets for each of them and some Lindt Lindor’s may have accidentally been purchased as well, they are for me and they will not last until Valentine’s Day. In fact I’m eating them now as I type, sustenance.

Valentine's Day Gifts from intu Chapelfield
Valentine’s Day Gifts from intu Chapelfield

I love being able to do all of this using the intu Chapelfield gift card, I’m not a massive fan of shopping so being able to do everything in one place is a winner for me. The fact the gift card is accepted at nearly every store and restaurant in intu Chapelfield makes it a great gift in its own right.

The Gift Card is accepted almost everywhere and is just a brilliant gift

Excitingly on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th February, shoppers can go searching for a lovely Valentine’s surprise, by taking part in intu Chapelfield’s Finders Keepers competition.

Valentine's Day Gifts from intu Chapelfield
Who wants to find the keys?

Decorative golden keys will be hidden in secret spots around all three floors of the shopping centre, each with a heart shaped tag attached.  Anyone lucky enough to discover a key should take it to the customer information desk where it will unlock a special Valentine’s Day treat.

Competition prizes up for grabs include: a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts; matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse couples’ mugs from The Disney Store ; Chloe Love Story perfume from House of Fraser; two boxes of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat; and a luxury candle from the centre’s newest fashion accessory store, Skinny Dip.  Plus many more. I really think I might have to head back into Norwich next week and get searching.

Valentine's Day Gifts from intu Chapelfield
Such lovely prizes and a really fun idea

Rebecca Downie, assistant marketing manager at intu Chapelfield says it’s all about putting a smile on shoppers’ faces this Valentine’s Day; “We’re spreading the love this February with our Finders Keepers competition; a little bit of fun to show our shoppers how much we care. Our stores are packed with thoughtful Valentine’s gifts so if you’re out looking for a present for the one you love on the 13th and 14th February, keep your eyes peeled for a golden key. Find one, unlock our heart and you’ll bag yourself a lovely treat.”

Look out for clues on Twitter @intuChapelfield and Instagram @intuchapelfield

Disclosure – we were provided with a gift card in exchange for this article. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Hi, that movie light sign, where did you buy it? I have seen it in so many tutorials and blogs but I still don´t know where to buy it. Thank you!

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