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Vampirina Toys – Review

Next week L and I will be taking part in an awesome Vampirina Twitter party and to get us in the mood he was sent the biggest box of Vampirina Toys you could imagine.

I am going to tell you a bit about those toys and what we think of them, I’ll try to tell you about the TV show they all stem from and also at the end of the review let you know about the upcoming Twitter Party, hopefully you’ll find it interesting.

Vampirina Toys
Play time

The Show

Vampirina is a relatively new show, well at least to us, you’ll find it on Disney Junior. It’s all about Vampirina (shortened to Vee), her family and her new friends. She’s a vampire, her family are vampires and they have a ghost and gargoyle live with them, as well as a hell-hound turned cute. They’ve moved from Transylvania to Pennsylvania and it’s been a bit of a culture shock.

Vampirina Toys
A bat-tastic rockstar

It’s all about not fitting in and being yourself, the importance of friendship and just being nice. It’s also great to see a show with a great female lead who doesn’t seem to take any nonsense. The show is filled with music and fun and seems to appeal to a lot of children. L enjoys it and it doesn’t drive me crazy, so that’s good.

The Toys

Wow we got a lot so I’m going to try to keep it brief!

Vampirina Toys
Spookylele and gloves

Vampirina Spookylele and Gloves £22.99

Good points. It looks fab, plays loads of tunes and sounds, lights up and can be turned off!

Bad points. They so easily could have made a real spookylele with strings and ditched the sounds effects and I think this would have had more lasting appeal to kids.

Vampirina Toys

What L thinks. He loves the skull design and moving mouth. He likes the guitar sound effects and the fun lights but he hated the gloves. Overall it’s definitely a hit and getting a picture of him using it has been tough because the rockstar moves are VERY energetic.

Vampirina Toys
Talking Vee

Vampirina Bat-tastic talking Vee and Wolfie £44.99

Good points. Pop-up and light-up wings, so much fun. Removable necklace. So many phrases and different sounds with a the flying mode. The detailing is superb and she looks just like she does in the show and you even get a Wolfie toy. Again she’s got an off button hidden on her side under the dress, I love that.

Vampirina Toys
Talking Vee

Bad points. Let’s be honest here, the price is somewhat off-putting and I would say unless you have a major fan on your hands there is no way this is worth it. Oh and the bat wing hair clips fall out easily.

What L thinks. He loves the wings and will sit popping them up and down for ages. Otherwise he likes playing with Wolfie more than Vee. She’s quite big and for whatever reason just doesn’t appeal to him.

Vampirina Toys
Hauntley’s Mobile

Hauntley’s Mobile £29.99

Good points. This vehicle is a great size to play with. It has Lights, sounds, music and accessories including a Vee figurine, coffin table and popcorn because when you flip down the back it transforms into a moonlit movie theatre!

Vampirina Toys
Hauntley’s Mobile

Bad points. The other character figurines, that I’ll talk about in a minute, don’t fit in it.

What L thinks. Straight up his favourite thing. He loves the fold down back and now wants our car to transform in a cinema, fabulous. The lights, sounds and music are great fun. He just really enjoys playing with this and with the little figures that go in it.

Vampirina Toys
Ghoul Girl Doll

Ghoul Girl Doll £9.99

Good points. This is a lovely sized Vee doll, around 15cm. Wearing her outfit from the show it looks great and the removable rucksack is a lovely touch. It is fully articulated which makes for easy play.

Bad points. I have literally nothing bad to say about this doll. It’s brilliant.

What L thinks. He loves that this doll moves and can be sat down and made to do different poses. It’s a really nice size to play with and he straight away wanted the backpack popped on her, though he found that a little awkward to do himself.

Vampirina Toys
Best Ghoul Friends Vee and Wolfie

Best Ghoul friends figures £7.99

Good points. There are three sets to collect. Vee and Wolfie, which we got and also comes with a little rucksack. Vee and Gregoria, plus a little spookylele. Poppy and Demi, and a little creature or toy I haven’t seen in the show yet, oops! I like that you get a few bits to play with and the small size is really appealing.

Bad points. You need to buy the Ghoul Glow Chamber Playset to see your glowing figure actually glow, but you do also get to hear additional sounds when you buy this set.

What L thinks. He’s enjoyed playing with these and they are the right size and articulated so fit in Hauntley’s Mobile which adds and extra level of play.

Vampirina Toys
Fangtastic Friend

Fangtastic Friends Set £29.99

The good. The set comes with 10 characters from the show: Vampirina, Oxana, Boris, Demi, Bridget, Vampirina ‘Case of the Battys’, Nosy, Gregoria, Wolfie & Vampirina’s backpack accessory. Each figure features ghoulishly fun glitter accents or poseable arms.

The bad. The characters are not articulated so you can get them to fit in Hauntley’s Mobile which is a shame as they are the perfect size.

Vampirina Toys
Fangtastic Friend

What L thinks. He’s a big fan of little figurines to play with and has been using them in all kinds of games, not just vampirina ones. They are the perfect size for slinging in a bag on a day out so they have come to a few restaurants with us and keep him amused.

Vampirina Toys
Rock and Ghoul Microphone

Rock n’ Ghoul Microphone £6.99

The good. Great design, a lot of fun with skulls, bat wings and sparkle. You do not have to listen to the song to the end, you can stop it by pressing the button again. So easy to use.

The bad. You will be singing the Vampirina theme tune to yourself, all day long.

What L thinks. Well he basically thinks he’s a rockstar. Give him a microphone and a spookylele and you’ll get a show!

Find out more about these toys at and if you want to buy some they are available in all good toy stores.

The Party

Join me (@anywaytostay) and a whole host of other amazing bloggers over on Twitter with (@UKmumstv) on 28th Feb 2018 between 1-3pm for a lot of fun, chat and prizes.

We’ll be using the hashtag #VampirinaToys and all you need to do to join in is add that to your tweets.

You can also check out the takeover from the 26th Feb for more information about the party and chance to win too!

Vampirina Toys
Out for a drive

Disclosure – we were gifted our toys and have been compensated for our time. All opinions are my own.

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