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VARTA Summer Challenge #2 Make A Rainbow

This summer to help keep us busy and stop those cries of ‘I’m bored’  VARTA have set a series of Creative Summer Challenges. L and I have been having a blast completing them and learning something new, so it is my pleasure to share them with you. Varta Summer Challenge

#PoweringtheMomentVarta Summer Challenge

VARTA Creative Summer Challenge #2 – Make a Rainbow

This was such a simple but fun way to spend an hour, inside, out of the sun!

With a VARTA torch and a prism we made rainbows on the wall.

I loved the simplicity of this task, though I think when I was explaining refraction and lights waves and colours I baffled both the child and myself. Varta Summer Challenge

All we had to do was take the torch and shine it through the prism at different angles until a rainbow was created.

I was amazed about just how long this kept L entertained, truly amazed by the little rainbow he had created he wondered if his fairy (we have a a fairy door and resident fairy Smiffle at home) would be proud of him and pleased with the rainbow. Varta Summer Challenge

As fairies love both rainbows and science I was pretty certain that Smiffle would indeed be very proud.

With this confirmed we went back to shining lights and making rainbows.

A brilliant and easy challenge from VARTA.Varta Summer Challenge

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Disclosure – VARTA have provided us with all the kit to complete our summer challenges. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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