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VARTA Summer Challenge #4 Colour Mixing

This summer to help keep us busy and stop those cries of ‘I’m bored’  VARTA have set a series of Creative Summer Challenges. L and I have been having a blast completing them and learning something new, so it is my pleasure to share them with you. Varta Summer Challenge


VARTA Creative Summer Challenge #4 – Colour Mixing

A hot day, a torch and water balloons. Not only was this a fun and interesting challenge from VARTA it was the perfect break from the heat.

Varta Summer Challenge

The colour mixing saw us head indoors, get comfy in L’s room was the blackout blinds closed and have a break from the heat.

We used the coloured balloons stretched over the torch to see what would happen when you mixed the colours. Would it be the same result as mixing paints?

Varta Summer Challenge

Yellow over blue made green, as expected. But the pink over the blue, just made a darker blue when L was expecting purple.

He’s just started to get to grips with mixing coloured paints, so I didn’t want to confuse him too much. I just explained that light mixes differently to paint.

Varta Summer Challenge

L wanted to know which one was right, paint or light, so we chatted for a bit about how they were both ‘right’ just different. Then we looked up some videos that showed it happening. It wasn’t long before we were back stretching the balloons over the end of the torch and shining the different colours onto the wall.

Varta Summer Challenge

Suitably cooled down and refreshed we then did the only thing that made any sense. Used some of the spare water balloons, filling them and waiting patiently for Daddy to come home. We then helped to cool Daddy in a far wetter way!

This was a great challenge from VARTA, easy for us to set up, nice and quick and the perfect way to get a break from either a super hot day or a rainy one.

Varta Summer Challenge

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Varta Summer Challenge

Disclosure – VARTA have provided us with all the kit to complete our summer challenges. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.Varta Summer Challenge

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