Varta Summer Challenge

VARTA Summer Challenge #5 Shadow Puppets

This summer to help keep us busy and stop those cries of ‘I’m bored’  VARTA have set a series of Creative Summer Challenges. L and I have been having a blast completing them and learning something new, so it is my pleasure to share them with you. Varta Summer Challenge


VARTA Creative Summer Challenge #5 – Shadow Puppets

Feeling a bit left out husb wanted to get involved with at least one of our challenges from VARTA and shadow puppets seemed an ideal bedtime treat, so armed with our new book and a torch, bedtime got lively. Varta Summer Challenge


We didn’t make anything fancy for this, it was good old hands being used to create our shadow puppets and using the book we tried to notch it up a gear from the classic bunny and butterfly. Varta Summer Challenge

Using the torch as our light source we tried out a few different ideas from the book, we realised that our hands do not bend in every direction and at points got somewhat more confused than we should have done.Varta Summer Challenge


Mainly though we had a blast, all sitting on the bed and making different shapes. L even got his feet involved. Varta Summer Challenge

If it weren’t for the challenge I’m not sure it’s something we would have thought of doing otherwise but as an evening treat it was perfect and you don’t need any special equipment to do it, which is ideal. I think we’ll take the book camping with us and see what we can do under canvas, after all it’s a classic camping activity!Varta Summer Challenge


We really enjoyed this challenge from VARTA, it was a lovely treat and it got L thinking about how you can create different shapes in the shadows. Varta Summer Challenge


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Varta Summer ChallengeDisclosure – VARTA have provided us with all the kit to complete our summer challenges. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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