Vertigo Adventures

Vertigo Adventures

Last Sunday husb and I headed off to Welwyn Garden City for a day of challenges with Vertigo Adventures. An amazing high ropes centre in Stanborough Park.

Vertigo Adventures
A glimpse of the high and low ropes

Now I’m not a fan of heights, I have no co-ordination and was a very long way out of my comfort zone. It was still one of the highlights of my week though. Husb on the other hand was in his element.

As soon as I arrived at Vertigo Adventures Vikki immediately put me at ease. There was a course of low ropes I could start on, then see how I felt before maybe moving on. As well as the 10ft low rope course, there is a 30ft high rope course, zip wire, climbing wall and The Plummet, a powerfan descender.

There was an incredibly well-behaved kids party waiting to use the low ropes, honestly, I’ve never seen a quieter, better behaved group of children in my life, they were brilliant. So I went round first, just to see how I got on.

Needless to say the kids were better than me. I was petrified. I honestly would have turned back if I could. I’d completed a Go Ape course before so wasn’t expecting to enjoy myself, that being said I also wasn’t expecting to be so scared! Tt 10ft the Monkey Trail is a lot lower than anything I had done before. But because I wasn’t surrounded by trees it seemed so much higher!

Vertigo Adventures
Lots of different challenges

I decided the 30ft Hawks View High Ropes were not for me. Nor was the Plummet. Honestly, do I look like a crazy person about to jump off a ridiculously high platform. Ugh no. Husb jumped without a second thought. I did enjoy the Flying Fox Zip Line though. That was a lot of fun.

Whilst I was waiting for my heart to start beating at a more normal pace I watched as husb tackled the Hawks View High Ropes. The course splits in two with a hard and extreme option. Husb went round the extreme version. Just to make him pay for mocking me. Of course he made it look easy, but when he’d finished he did think I’d made the right call not doing it myself.

Vertigo Adventures
It is so high up

He LOVED it though. He really had the best time. We still weren’t finished though. For something that is so compact there is a lot to do. We still had the climbing wall to try out.

I managed to get about a third of the way up before I decided I was too high, from the ground it looked like nothing, but when you are climbing it is a lot. Husb was up and down like a mad thing. I fear he may have a new hobby on the horizon.

Vertigo Adventures
Climbing fun

Everyone at Vertigo Adventures is so lovely. They are fun and helpful. Really good at knowing when you need a bit of reassurance or need more of a challenge. The whole time we were there the kids were enjoying their party and going round and round the low ropes, putting me to shame. I love how separate we all were though. It really didn’t affect us at all them bring there. You can’t say that for many places.

To find out more about Vertigo and the prices check out their website as there are lots of different options depending on what you want to do.

Vertigo Adventures
Thank you for looking after me so well

All I would say is don’t be afraid to try it, it’s a lot of fun. Despite being terrified the whole way round, when I finished, I can hand on my heart say I had a good time. Even being bigger like me, you can still enjoy it and take part. Nothing is off limits and I was made to feel so at ease. You don’t have to worry about clipping on and off the lines as it’s a constant loop, so you just follow it round. Really easy.

Vertigo Adventures
It’s in a beautiful spot

It’s also well worth a look round the park as well. Had we realised how much there was to do we would have bought L and a set of grandparents with us. There is a lovely playground, boating lake, cafe, walks and lots of ducklings and goslings. We also had the best weather so L would have loved it.

Vertigo Adventures
Goslings, cute!

We thoroughly recommend Vertigo Adventures for a fun day out.

Disclosure – we got to experience Vertigo Adventures as guests in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

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