Vosene Kids

Vosene Kids

L has been trying out some of the fab fresh scents from Vosene Kids this summer. The Afterswim Hair & Body Wash has become an essential part of our swim kit and the Pink Pomelo & Vitamin C 2-in-1 Shampoo is a new bath time favourite. 

Pink Pomelo & Vitamin C 2-in-1 Shampoo

One of the latest scents in the Fruity Goodness range from Vosene Kids this 2 in 1 shampoo smells great and has made hair washing that bit easier.

L loves having his hair washed, but hates rinsing it. I can only do this once, so his hair rarely ever gets conditioned now. Which is such a shame with those lovely blond locks of his. Conditioning does stop his little scalp getting too dry as well. But generally we find it’s not worth the tears. So 2 in 1 is definitely the way forward for us.

It’s tear free, which has been tested, as ever during any bath or shower. There have definitely been no tears. Pink Pomelo is an awesome fresh scent, citrusy and crisp. I love smelling his little wet head after a shower.

Vosene Kids
Vosene Kids

Afterswim Hair & Body Wash

Oh my word we love this!! It now live sin our swim bag. It’s melon fresh, can be used on his hair and body and removes that horrid chlorine scent. I’ve been using it too and last week another mum was asking about it because it smelt so good. It’s amazing!

The  Vosene Kids’ Afterswim Hair & Body Wash remove traces of chlorine and it has AromaguardTM technology. It cleans, moisturises and helps remove chlorine, salt and any other impurities from the pool.

Normally after swimming he has his shower and a quick little wash, but will still smell of Chlorine and his skin is always a bit dryer on swim days. Now I can’t see any difference in his skin and that Chlorine smell is gone, even from his hair. Love it.

Vosene Kids’ Afterswim Hair & Body Wash is available in selected Sainsbury’s stores, RRP £2.49 per 200ml.

The new Pink Pomelo & Vitamin C 2-in-1 Shampoo is available from August 12th at ASDA stores nationwide, RRP £2.49 for 250ml.

For all of the latest Vosene Kids product news and for some helpful haircare tips and advice, head over to www.vosenekids.co.uk.  or find them on Facebook.

Disclosure – we were sent our products in return for an honest review

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