Wally the Washer

Wally the Washer Review & Competition

Wally the Washer is one of our favourite games at the moment, we were asked by the guys at Drumond Park if we’d like to play with at home and it’s been an immediate hit. I also have one to giveaway, whoop.Wally the Washer

Wally the Washer is aimed at ages 4+ and retails at £24.99, it is the easiest game in the world to set up and super easy to play, but so much fun. It really is a giggle, never have we laughed so much playing a game.

L was immediately in love with this game and was making us play it all afternoon as soon as he opened it, he then made daddy play with him for an hour when he got home from work. Wally the Washer

It hasn’t stopped being exciting to him either, sometimes when the novelty wears off a new toy arriving in the post he puts them to one side, but Wally the Washer is often being requested and we are happy to oblige, as other than being very noisy, it is one of the least irritating table top games we own for him.

There are lots of pieces but they aren’t too small and don’t get lost, you can set it up in literally seconds and a game can be quite quick, over in under ten minutes, so nobodies attention wanders. Wally the Washer

The premise is simple, the first person to fill their washing line wins. There are four coloured washing lines and four sets of coloured clothing. You pop it all into Wally and he spins it round and round, when you press the the soap box on his head the door springs open and hopefully some clothes fall out too.

If your colours fall out, hang them up and move onto the next persons turn. If nothing falls out, you miss a go and if none of your colours fall out you simply move on as well. Wally the Washer

It’s a really simple and fun way to teach about taking turns and also colours a little bit.

To keep things interesting there is also a dirty, smelly sock in the machine. If that falls out with your clothes it means nothing is clean and they all have to go back in, but you will have to wear the giant clothes peg on your nose until the next person happens to get the sock!! Uh oh! This is where most of the laughter stems from, it is funny. Wally the Washer

In the box you get 4 sets of coloured washing, coordinating washing lines, 1 smelly sock and 1 giant peg. You also get the Wally the Washer, you will just need to add a couple of (included) stickers onto him and pop in some batteries, these aren’t included, then you are ready to play.

Wally the Washer has a rrp of £24.99 and is for age 4+, for 1-4 players. For stockists and to play games online, visit www.drumondpark.com

Wally the WasherIf you want to play here’s your chance to win your own Wally the Washer Game just enter your details into the Gleam App below.

Win Wally the Washer from Drumond Park

Good luck x

Disclosure – we were gifted our review copy however all thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

63 thoughts on “Wally the Washer Review & Competition”

  1. Sophie my God-Daughter & my PA’s girls love playing games together & in the school holidays I sometimes have Sophie with me at work & I allow my PA to bring her girls in too as they keep each other well entertained playing games with each other, so I am planning to make up a little toy box with games in that will be always at work for them. Thank you!

  2. This would certainly keep the grandkids busy when I’m on babysitting duty lol. Thanks for the chance to be your lucky winner

  3. This is on my daughters Christmas list, it looks such a fun game which will help my daughter with fine motor skills.

  4. I would love to win this so that I could play it with my grandson and granddaughter when they come to stay at Christmas.

  5. I would love to play this with my nephew when he comes to visit! I really hope it doesn’t lose my sock like my washer does heehee

  6. This looks great fun and we’d love at add it to our family games night

  7. this game looks great! It’s nice to see something slightly different from all the usual games

  8. Hours of fun with learning too… sounds a perfect game. Thank you for this brilliant incite.

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