What You Really Need for Back to School

The summer holidays are nearly over, I can’t quite believe how fast they’ve gone. With two weeks left until he’s back to school, well two weeks and a day, it really is time to get organised.

Now I’m guessing everyone has got uniform, shoes, labels and stationery etc. sorted. So I feel no need to talk about them, instead I’m going to talk about the things you really need but may have overlooked.

Kleenex Pocket Tissues
Kleenex Pocket Tissues

Pocket Tissues

These were top of my list last year and it turns out it was well founded. I was a sobbing wreck with my boy starting reception and I know I will be again, I’m already sad that the summer is nearly over. L was emotional too and I’m sure he will be again. Having tissues meant that was easily tidied up before he got embarrassed.

Since that first day a little pack of tissues in his book bag became an essential item, over and above pencils and books. Snotty noses, mud, eyes streaming from a cold cycle ride and in all honesty just a little bit of ‘organised mummy’ with him and it’s surprising how much he wanted them.

It’s Kleenex® Original Pocket Pack for us, they are soft. strong and actually work, plus he likes the fairly plain and grown up packaging.

ACE Gentle Stain Removers
ACE Gentle Stain Removers – Image courtesy of ACE

Stain Remover

I cannot stress how much of this you will need and in how many formats.

In wash, sprays, pre soaks, for whites and for colours. Literally just buy all the stain remover. ALL OF IT.

Why they put kids in white shirts is truly beyond me, but they do. They also then feed them beans and spaghetti and chocolate and soft fruits and general stickiness for lunch before sending them outside to play in the mud and freshly cut grass.

In an ideal world you’d send them off in a bin liner but as that isn’t going to be allowed anytime soon stain remover it is. I love Ace, because it comes in all the formats I need, is multi purpose and actually works!

Gregory's Tree
Gregory’s Tree delicious twists


I couldn’t believe how hungry L was when he got home from school. He can honestly come home eat a full meal and then still be ready for more at dinner time.

He even asked if I could pick him up from school with snacks in my pockets, which is fine, but we live 5 minutes away. FIVE.

So healthy and tasty snacks are a must and I recently tried Gregory’s Tree Blueberry and Raspberry Double Twist bars. These were supposed to be for me but L got wind of them and just adored them, as did I to be fair. They are sweet and tasty but still healthy. At only 60 calories a pack and one of your recommended five a day as well as being 100% vegan what’s not to love?

Love Leggings
Image courtesy of Love Leggings


So I may be living the school mum stereotype but getting your kid ready for school amd making sure you haven’t forgotten the million forms, class projects, raffle donations and payments for whoever knows what is draining.

Making sure you are ready can sometimes be too much. I just like to have a shower, pull on something comfy and then have the option to go home and get changed for work, go for a walk or on the rare and blissful occasion chill out on the sofa and watch trashy tv.

Love Leggings premium, thick and completely not see through at all, not even a teeny bit, leggings have become my new uniform. I practically live in them. They are so comfortable and I feel comfortable in them, even as a plus size, they fit me so well, the waist doesn’t roll down and did I mention that whilst they are super stretchy they don’t stretch so thin you can see through them. They wash well and look great. They are great for long walks and exercising, or just for something quick and easy to pop on.

Giftpup watch
Personalised children’s watch from Giftpup

A little something special

When L started reception I wanted to make a bit of a fuss off him. Everything for reception is new, new book bag, new uniform, everything. Despite not needing them we made sure he had a little pencil set and we spoke about things that help make him confident so we got him a little photo book to pop in his bag, pictures of me, his dad, his cat, him and his best giraffe Gerry.

I didn’t want that to slide this year. School is still a massive deal for him and I am incredibly proud of him. So to start Year 1 off in style we have got him a new watch from Giftpup. We got it engraved to show him how special and grown up he is.

It’s a lovely combination of being a proper watch, with numbers, a second hand a proper strap and being a kids watch with dinosaurs and the words from and too printed on it as well as the minutes being broken down in an easier way for him to learn from.

GB eye Drink Bottle
GB eye Drink Bottle

Drink Bottle

This is different for every school so may or may not be appropriate for you, but we all know how important it is to drink plenty of water and we found that L really wasn’t drinking when he was at school.

They had access to water bottles throughout the day but he didn’t really have one that was his, they would pick one at the start of the day and pop a tag on it, then at the end of the day they would all be taken away and washed and they’d pick a different one the next day. L simply didn’t like not having one that was his and his alone.

This wasn’t something we could change in Reception sadly, but thankfully from Year 1 he’ll be allowed to bring in a bottle from home and he wants one specifically for school. I wanted an aluminium one, to keep things cool and be hard wearing!

GB Eye have loads and even more designs coming into stock, so a solid and sturdy Harry Potter bottle it is, with a spare straw which is super handy as he is a chewer! Just what we needed and so nice he could choose.

Disclosure – I have been gifted these products for consideration. I have only included those I genuinely liked and would recommend. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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