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Why I Love Button & Wilde

A few weeks ago I took myself on a little trip to London to visit the Button & Wilde Pop Up Shop.

Button & Wilde are a newly launched bath & beauty brand that have created a range of beautifully scented shower gels, bubble baths, moisturisers, hand wash and more

Button & Wilde
A fab time at the pop up shop

The range of scents is amazing. Light, fresh and floral Wild Citrus Rose. Surprisingly sweet & fruity Sweet Beet, Lime & Cedarwood. The classic scent of Lavender with the Lavender, Geranium & Chamomile. The Wild Fig & Grape has a lovely warm perfume, rich and fruity.

Button & Wilde
There was a fabulous secret garden style to the pop up shop

There are a couple of more masculine scents as well, though I have to say I thought they were all relatively unisex, but for the chaps there is the warm and spicy Tarroco Orange & Nutmeg or the Infused Citrus Spice which is woody and rich.

It’s hard to pick a favourite, the Tarroco Orange & Nutmeg made me think of Christmas and I love anything with lavender, but if pushed I think I would go for Wild Citrus Rose.

Button & Wilde
I’m so glad there was a squirrel at the pop up shop

It’s not just the amazing scents and fabulous quality though, no, not at all. The best thing about Button & Wilde is the personalisation.

You can personalise everything, from the shape of the bottle you use, to the label and colour scheme.

Button & Wilde
A tiny selection of the patterns available for the labels

Add a message, pick a pattern, adjust your colour scheme and not only do you have a brilliant gift but it can match the recipient’s colour scheme. You can even upload your own image and really make it your own.

The choices are endless, you could spend hours just playing and adjusting your label. If it all gets a bit much though the standard Button & Wilde packaging is gorgeous. I love the Hedgehog & Squirrel logo, in fact I love the whole feel of the brand.

Button & Wilde
A treat being delivered

The delivery is a real treat. A stunning branded box, padded out with shredded card. A lovely cotton bag with the cute Hedgehog & Squirrel branding containing your products. Amazing!

These are premium products, with premium service and full personalisation for less than their premium, non personalised competition.

Button & Wilde
Standard packaging and one of the personalised options

It was fabulous going to the pop up shop to get a taste of the whole range and being able to make my very own personalised bottle. I left with a fair few products, I just couldn’t resist.

Honestly, if you are looking for a gift for someone or just want to treat yourself, then I can’t recommend Button & Wilde enough.

Button & Wilde
My personalised Button & Wilde bubble bath

Disclosure – I received some product in return for my honest opinion.

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