Why I Love My Google Home Mini

I have always been a fan of a gadget. I love a bit of tech. So we had been thinking about getting a smart speaker device for the house for a while.

When it came to choosing what we were going to go for the Google Home Mini was the only choice for us. So this isn’t a comparison about why it is better or worse than Alexa or anything else, it is purely about why I like it. Google Home Mini

I am wholly immersed in the world of Google. My mobile is an Android, you’d never find my with an iPhone, ever. I stopped using Word a long time ago, Google Docs does everything I need and allows me seamlessly sync my devices which is great for blogging on the go. We love our Google Chromecast. All my music is with Google Music. Plus I’ve been using Google Assistant for some time now, so why would I change to another platform?

We opted for the Mini over the full-sized Google Home speaker for two reasons. The biggest reason was money, isn’t it always. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something we wouldn’t necessarily use. Plus, husb had traded in some games and bits at Cex and we had the exact amount in vouchers for the a Google Home Mini, so that helped.

Vampirina Toys
Hey Google, play music. It’s L’s favourite function

My second reason was actually quite sensible. As far as I can tell the main difference between the two options is speaker quality, the full-sized Google Home offering better audio quality than the small Mini. Well we’ve got a house filled with stunning quality, bluetooth enabled speakers, so that just wasn’t a priority to us.

When it arrived I had it set up within minutes, in fact it was probably under a minute. It was that simple. All I had to do was get husb just to add his voice details to the settings when he got home. The Google Home can have 6 profiles saved to it, which is awesome. So if I ask for my schedule for the day I get mine, if husb asks, he gets his. But it also takes the best option from everything linked to it.

Nest Protect
It links with my Nest Protect

For example I’ve use IFTTT a lot and will get my Google Assistant to add groceries direct to my Tesco Shopping basket. Husb doesn’t use IFTTT and never does the shopping, I don’t think he even has the app installed. However, because I do, he can add to the basket as well. In fact he can use all the commands I’ve set up using IFTTT. Equally I can make the most of his Google Music Subscription even though I only have the free version. Awesome.

Google Home Mini
I love how small it is and how it just fits in the room without being obvious

So why do I love it so much? Well essentially because it allows me to be lazy! I can play music, make phone calls, watch Netflix and YouTube all from the comfort of my chair. Just by asking Google. I can turn our lights on and off, arm our security cameras and test the smoke alarm. I can do the shopping, get traffic information and listen to the daily news. I can even get answers to the bizarre questions L asks me! Hey Google, what sound does a shark make?

I love that I can add reminders straight away the second I think of them, so I forget less. It’s even got some great party games.

TP-Link LB130 Smart Bulb set to blue
It controls my Smart Bulbs

It saves me money as well, I can use it to make free UK phone calls, that is really fab. It doesn’t use my phone like other smart speakers and it’s more than a glorified loudspeaker. It just makes its own WiFi calls. Soon it’s going to be updated to link to my Bluetooth speakers so I’ll have even more control over my home.

We’ve been getting so much use out of it I’m actually going to get more, so I can have one in the kitchen and one in our bedroom. It has made my life easier and it’s genuinely useful.

How often have you got all comfortable, the perfect cuddle with your kids and realised the remotes are out of reach? The Google Home solves that. I bet I’m not the only one to get endless questions from their child, google can provide the answers. I’d be prepared to put money on me not being the only one to forget things if you don’t write them down the second you think of them, children are distracting. the Google Home Mini solves that too.

Google Home Mini
I have used this a lot more than I thought I would

So if you are wondering whether the purchase is actually worth while, I would say yes, yes it is. Just make sure you’ve got a Chromecast too, or there’ll be no Netflix on command for you! Remember, the more smart devices you add to your home, the more useful it becomes. It’s the best £30 we’ve spent in ages.

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  1. I have been seeing a lot about this and makes me think of considering to buy the this too. Definitely just in time to add some replacement for my old one.

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