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Why We’re Going Back to Barracudas Activity Day Camps

The count down to the Easter Holidays is well and truly on, add to that my annual holiday review at work and that means one thing and one thing only, that I am spiralling when it comes to trying to work out how I can make my limited amount of annual leave cover all the school breaks. Hurrah for Barracudas Activity Day Camps.

Welcome to Barracudas
Welcome to Barracudas

Last year we snet L and his best friend to try out Barracudas Activity Day Camps for a few days over the Easter Break and they loved it so much they went agan over the summer holidays. This year we’re going back and to be fair the choice was both easy and obvious.

Both L and his friend loved the camp at Norwich. They had their own small age based group, so they felt comfortable and safe. Always knowing where to go and who their grown ups were. They adored the staff and every day came back with tales of adventure and fun.

In his camp kit and ready to go

The activities are awesome and I genuinely haven’t found another group in Norfolk that offers even close to the range Barracudas offer at their base level. Without adding on any of the skills builder courses the kids get the chance to fence, swim, play football, leap about on bouncy castles, ride go karts, enjoy nature walks, hunt for treasure and so much more. Not only that but for every session during the day there are two activities on offer, so the kids always get to choose what they want and are effectively in charge of their day.

A day of fun

From a practical point of view the hours Barracudas offer are spot on for working parents, normal drop off is from 8.30am and you can pick up as late as 5.30pm. That’s just what they offer as standard. If you need a little extra time, just book in for the early or late clubs, giving you an extra 30 minutes each way. It’s also fabulous value for money, there is simply no way I could keep L entertained to that level for a day without spending all of the money. A day at Barracudas starts at £34 per day, less if you book a full week which starts at £139.

Hulk at Barracudas
I wasn’t expecting The Hulk to greet me.

The main reason we are going back to Barracudas however is a simple one. The kids want to. Only last week L was checking that he could go again, he can’t wait to play football with his bestie and no annoying Mummy telling him what to do. They are both excited for the Electric Go Karts and the thought of Foam Fencing has them counting down the days. Barracudas did wonders for L’s confidence last year, it sounds like a small thing but picking him up over the summer with his face painted was a groundbreaking moment for us, he had literally never done that before and not for a lack of trying on our part.

We can’t wait to get back to camp!!

Barracudas pick up
He was not happy to be coming home, I was too early apparently

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Disclosure – we are working as Brand Ambassadors for Barracudas Activity Day Camps so have been able to send the boys free of charge. All thoughts, opinions and images are those of mine and the kids, they are honest and a true reflection of our experience.

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