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The sizzlin’ social event of the year, National BBQ Week returns for a 25th time in 2021 with some amazing prizes, so celebrate a quarter century of better BBQing and win a BarbiBox full of delicious goodies!

It started on Monday 5th July and runs until 18th June. National BBQ Week is back to help you become a better BBQ’er and to enjoy some gastro grilling and long-awaited reunions with friends and family. To celebrate we will be giving two lucky winners their very own BarbiBox that contains all the food and drink you’d need for a brilliant barbi and a “The Ultimate Book of BBQ” recipe book to get you grilling!

BBQ Brands

The 25th National BBQ Week is supported by these leading brands:

Official BBQ Wine – Beefsteak Club – Beef Up Your BBQ

Official BBQ Plant Based – Birds Eye Green Cuisine – Powered by Plants

Official BBQ Beer – Budweiser – KING OF BEERS, KING OF BBQ

Official BBQ Sauce – Bull’s-Eye COOK STRONG

Official BBQ Meat – Sainsbury’s Discover our new Summer Editions Pork & Sausage BBQ products in Sainsbury’s now

Official Soft Drink – Shloer – ‘I’ll Shloer to that’

Brilliant Better Barbi Tips

To help make your Barbi the Best-ever, here are some BBQ Tips from The GrillMaster!

BBQ Tip 1 – A Long Soak

Marinated food tastes great and grills better, as apart from enhanced flavour, it also helps protect food against high grill temperatures. Normally the longer the better, but a simple tip to cut marinating time is to place food in a sealed plastic bag, massage in marinade and place in fridge. This cuts marinating time by half.

BBQ Tip 2 – Over the Rainbow

Introduce some colour to your Barbi food, red, green or yellow bell peppers are great flame-roasted to enhance flavours. Once skin has blackened, place in a plastic bag to cool. The skin will then easily peel-off. Green and yellow courgettes also grill well as do chilies, asparagus and aubergine.

BBQ Tip 3 – Barbi Parties

Choose a theme, the US, South America, especially following the Olympics last year, South Africa and of course Australia after the Commonwealth Games are all good. It also helps that they have great wine and beer too! The Caribbean & Mexico are also cool. Remember great Barbi parties are based on the three ‘B’s’ – Blues (or any music you fancy), Booze & BBQ’s.

BBQ Tip 4 – Gas or Charcoal

Most first time BBQ’ers buy a simple charcoal grill, but gas grills can now cost under £50. So just what’s the best? Well; gas is simpler to use and more easily controllable. Whilst charcoal is more traditional and adds that essential BBQ taste. A simple guide is ‘gas for ease’ and ‘charcoal for taste’.

BBQ Tip 5 – Hot Tip

A good guide to grill temperatures is the hand test. Hold your hand around 6” from the grill; if you can only keep it there for around 30 seconds, the temperature is too hot, 1-2 minutes is high and an ideal searing heat. 2-3 minutes means a medium temperature, ideal for normal grilling. 3-5 minutes is fairly warm and good for keeping food warm. Any longer and the grill is not ready.

BBQ Tip 6 – Low & Slo

BBQ is not a race against time, so don’t grill too quickly or on too high a heat as this causes food to burn on the outside whilst being under cooked in the middle. The trick is to ‘sear on high’ and then take it ‘low and slow’. It helps if the grill-bars are well oiled, but don’t turn food to often as this reduces heat.


BBQ Tip 7 – Follow Smoky Joe

Enhancing that true smoky BBQ taste is best done on charcoal by throwing wet wood chips, herb branches on the coals. Try different types of wood, apple is good or vine clippings. A similar, although not quite as good, a similar effect can be achieved on a gas grill with a lava rock bed.

BBQ Tip 8 – Become a Grill Star

Create some Barbi-theatre, by ‘fanning-the-flames’. Quickly press down on meats or poultry with a long-handled spatula; this releases natural fats, causing a brief ‘flare-up’. Please take great care when attempting and keep any clothing well clear. Do NOT attempt to enhance effect by adding extra oil.

BBQ Tip 9 – Get Criss-crossed

To achieve professional, cross-hatch grill-lines, sear meat, fish, poultry or fruit/vegetables on a hi-heat, lengthwise to the grill-bars. Remove and quickly wipe grill bars with oil and repeat at right-angles. Once both sides are seared return to normal cooking, turning infrequently.

BBQ Tip 10 – Don’t forget Safety First!

Position BBQ’s on level ground, well away from hedges, fences, or overhanging shrubbery. When lighting charcoal, only use proper BBQ lighter fuel, never, ever use petrol or other flammable liquids. If using gas ensure grill lights immediately, if it fails, turn off gas, leave for a few minutes and try again.

BBQ Info

For everything you ever needed to know about BBQ, make sure to visit for the UK’s biggest selection of hints, tips, recipes, and guides to being a Better BBQ’er.

Win a BarbiBox

Competition Terms & Conditions

Usual Terms and Conditions apply – you must be over 18 to enter and competition is only open to UK Mainland. Pack shot is representative of the prize only and contains ambient products only. There is no alternative prize offered. Judge’s decision is final. BarbiBox content may vary. Prizes will be received within 28 days of competition end. By entering you agree to contact from National BBQ Week by email with BBQ info and offers.

Disclosure – a huge thank you to National BBQ Week 2021 for arranging the amazing BarbiBox prizes and for the awesome BBQ tips!

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  1. This would be great to win for my granddaughter. Thanks for the chance!

  2. Some very useful tips on bbqing love the over the rainbow, adding colour such a good idea that I’ve never thought of especially as we eat with our eyes and colour might get the children eating more, although to be fair we never have much over after a bbq , we all do love a barbie

  3. There’s nothing like the smell of a tasty family barbecue to cheer everyone up.

  4. What a lovely prize. I would love to win this and have a super-duper barbecue with my family!

  5. Great giveaway, my son is the BBQ man so I would give it him and invite myself over

  6. We love a family BBQ. We are actually having one this weekend as that’s what my nearly 16 year old nephew requested for his birthday.

  7. Love this time of year – we eat most of our meals in the garden and this looks yummy!

  8. A fabulous bundle and perfect timing with a bit of sunshine appearing at last.

  9. this looks perfect and the weather looks like it’s finally starting to cheer up

  10. I haven’t had one BBQ yet this year. Whenever I plan to, the weather is terrible.

  11. This is a great idea, having everything in one box and perfect for my daughters upcoming birthday celebrtions

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