Get Out and Grow launches school gardening kit giveaway

Just in time for summer, Get Out and Grow, is launching an incentive encouraging students to head outside and get planting, growing and learning about just where fruit and vegetables come from.

Why? Because according to a recent survey, 90% of children said that they would like a garden at school and at one primary school in Lincolnshire, a school garden made all the difference when it came to pupil’s behaviour.

The Benjamin Adlard Primary School, run by headmaster Sam Coy, was previously rated by Ofsted as one of Britain’s worst schools. Four years and one school garden later, and the Gainsborough school has won the national Pearson award for School of the Year: Making a Difference.

Headmaster Coy insists: “The children absolutely love den-building, just generally getting dirty and nature hunts. One child recently told me that he loves going to the forest school on a Tuesday afternoon so much as it helps him to behave all week as he never wants to not be able to go.”

Starting in June and running throughout the month, Get Out and Grow will award school gardening starter kits to 20 schools nationwide. The kits will include children’s wheelbarrows, gardening gloves, mini-trowels and more. And the good news is, anyone can enter! Nominating your local school is easy. Just fill in the widget below and enter the details of your chosen school to be in with the chance to win. We will sort out delivery details with the winner, but note, the prize will only be mailed to a registered UK Nursery or Primary School, no private addresses, sorry.

Sponsored by British skincare brand, Sudocrem, the Get Out and Grow project was created following research that suggested gardening is being forgotten and that many children lack basic knowledge about the natural world and where their food comes from.

Despite the fact that 87% of British households have a garden, over half of British children between 4 and 8 are unable to name 5 vegetables or fruits grown in them and 95% were unable to name 3 herbs. Many of those couldn’t identify gardening tools, with only 8% able to identify a trowel, 80% never having seen a rake before and, worrying, 79% believing worms are bad for plants. 

73% of those asked said they had never grown a sunflower, while only 8% had ever picked an apple, which perhaps explains why they’re unable to name even one. Less than 10% had dug up a vegetable and only 6% had ever eaten a fresh pea from the pod. Based on this evidence, it is perhaps unsurprising that only 20% have ever eaten a vegetable they’ve grown themselves.

For your chance to win a special Get out and Grow pack for your Primary School or Nursery simply enter your details into the Gleam App below.

Pack includes:

  • Children’s wheelbarrow
  • Small Watering can
  • Extra long fork
  • Extra long spade
  • Children’s hand spade x6
  • Children’s hand fork x6
  • Children’s gloves x6

Good luck x

Win a Get Out and Grow Kit for your school or nursery

Disclosure – Sudocrem are kindly supplying the prize. Images are courtesy of Sudocrem and Get Out and Grow, they feature Sam Coy and his pupils and have been shared with permission.

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66 thoughts on “Get Out and Grow launches school gardening kit giveaway”

  1. Would be great to start our new planting area with the children. At playschool and tho get them actively Carin for the environment, and care and concern for living things.

  2. The would be amazing for the school where I work as a teaching assistant. We are trying to promote outdoor learning. Last week we did some orienterring, some shelter building and made a campfire. It would be great to get busy in the garden but we really need some new equipment. Thanks for offering such a lovely, useful prize.

  3. Our primary school has a little garden so any kit that allows the children to use it and learn about nature would be brilliant.

  4. I think it would mean a lot to them, they are severely under funded and have had to cut school days on a friday to half a day as well as recently having to close the nursery school, if that wasnt bad enough they have had 2 break ins in the past week both times having laptops stolen. Its not going to solve all their problems but I imagine the very least it will do is give them something to smile about

  5. My son does gardening on a Monday. They grow herbs and veg and then do a cookery project with them. He and I would love to treat his school.

  6. BELTHORN primary – THEY WOULD be thrilled – a small local school my nephew attends

  7. I know the EYFS team at the school would love this as they are slowly improving the space for the Reception classes to do as much outdoor learning as possible. This equipment would be such a brilliant addition.

  8. It would mean a lot. The school is rural and is very old. They have very few facilities but make the absolute most of what they have. The school has a gardening club with ‘little rotters’ – children who compost etc. It would be great for them to have some proper equipment.

  9. I would nominate Broadway school Sunderland, they have a small gardening club with very little equipment and as the head retires this year would make a nice surprise for children to remember her after retirement

  10. It would mean a great deal. It’s a small village school which would absolutely love to receive this as resources are limited.

  11. The school I nominate is Cairney Primary! They are a very small rural school with only a total of 12 pupils, they would absolutely love to win as they are always enjoying the outdoors so to have this equipment would be extremily helpful .

  12. It would mean a great deal it’s not a huge primary school but they are amazing they have just announced a project on a community garden area at the school the children are all excited to get involved and know this equipment would be greatly appreciated by all

  13. I enjoy a bit of gardening myself, I have veggies and carrots growing in my back yard. Teaching such a skill to my kids tends to be quite a hassle. I’m sure they’ll try it out once they see other kids doing it. Great job your initiative will change so many kids mind set.

  14. An opportunity to assist pupils to reach their full potential. Beneficial to have access to a range of opportunities to learn new things, build up skills :- Which can be beneficial life skills, etc.

    Thank – you!

  15. The school I nominated is in a deprived area with many of the children living in flats so have no experience of gardening. This get out and grow set would let the children learn and experience growing things

  16. The school I have nominated is in a deprived area and many of the students live in flats with no gardens. The children would have so much fun with this planting seeds and watching them grow while learning about growing things as well

  17. My daughters school started a garden off last year and she was involved in the project. she loved it, we have started to grow some veg at home now too. The school would love more equipment

  18. My chosen school is the smallest in Brighton, which means it gets the least funding in the city. There is some nice green space with lots of potential, so this would really help the children to get involved in gardening projects and growing things.

  19. This would be an amazing prize for the school to win, they already have a poly tunnel and a vegetable patch, but they are always in need to extra volunteers and additional gardening equipment so that more and more children can get involved in the project. Both my children are involved in the gardening club but it’s a long waiting list to enrol because of the lack of supervision and mainly lack to tools.

  20. My niece is a teacher and is trying to set up a gardening club. At the moment it is limited by the things she can supply herself. More tools means more hands on and dirty time for the pupils.

  21. This would be amazing for the school. They already have a garden that the kids help in but are always needing more equipment.

  22. It would be fab as the school already have a gardening club but if they won the extra a equipment it would mean more children are able to join in.

  23. My daughters school has a class called forest school which all the years do, where they learn about nature, the outdoors etc… and like any school they do not get the funding like they use to, so these would be so appreciated

  24. The school is currently doing a garden project with some of the pupils so this would be perfect for them

  25. It would means so much for my daughter’s primary school. Children would be involved in gardening, they would learn new skills for life. They would watch the plants to grown and it would bring school children together.

  26. My son goes to a specialist autism school in Birmingham. Recently we have just secured an allotment plot which will be a really positive activity for all the children to enjoy. Budgets have been cut so much for SEN schools so this would be fantastic for the kids to get out in their new allotment and get planting.

  27. Our primary is going through a tough time and is developing its playground so this would be a great boost for them.

  28. This would be fantastic for my school as they are just developing a community garden

  29. It would mean so much, our school is very under funded and relies a lot on the community.

  30. My children’s school would love this. They are an eco school always striving to get kids involved in gardening.

  31. My little girls pre school is funded by donations, so this would mean the world to them xx

  32. What a great idea! Our local primary school has a little patch they can grow veg in and this would be a fabulous prize for them

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