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Win a kids game and puzzle bundle from Jumbo Games

I’m a bit of a closet puzzler, I’ll admit it. I love a good jigsaw puzzle and recently L has been getting more and more into it which is just lovely, so I was really happy to get a lovely delivery of puzzles and games from Jumbo.

Better yet they have also got a great bundle of kids games and puzzles for one of my lucky readers to win. 

Bob the Builder 9in1
Bob the Builder 9in1

Here’s what we thought of our games and puzzles.

L loves his Bob the Builder 9in1 Puzzle Bumper Pack (rrp £12.99) and it is going to last him for some time, at the moment only the puzzles with larger pieces suit him, but he will be able to grow into the larger puzzles.

In the box there are 9 puzzles,  two x 12 piece two x 24 piece, three x 35 piece and two x 50 piece puzzles. All featuring characters from Bob the Builder.

I like that although all the puzzles are muddled together in the box they are easy to sort out as the back of each individual puzzle is colour coded, so all the yellow backed pieces will be for one compete puzzle, all the red for another and so on.

Peppa Pig Party Time Race Game
Peppa Pig Party Time Race Game

The Peppa Pig Party Time Race Game (rrp £9.99) has been a huge hit too, even if he doesn’t quite get taking turns and only moving your counter a certain amount of spaces yet!

He loves getting everything out of the box and setting it up. He likes to pick who gets which colour car and loves rolling the dice. It’s been really good for his counting skills and the bright, fun game board holds his attention well.

The game itself is quite straight forward, a bit like snakes and ladders but not quite, you have to move round the board and try to be the first to Suzy Sheep’s birthday party. You need to get invited, obviously. Getting lost will slow you down, but there’s plenty to help you along the way.

The board is really sturdy and everything stores nicely away in the box.


So that I wasn’t left out, I got sent ‘The Bake Off’ a WASGIJ 1000 piece puzzle (rrp £12.99). I love WASGIJ puzzles, the picture you are making isn’t the one on the box, that’s just a clue to give you an idea of the scene you are trying to piece together,

It was tough, but not too tough. It kept me going quite some time and one of my friends even joined in when she popped over. We had a fun time puzzling together.

Husb goes to a stag weekend, I start a puzzle!!

Like most puzzles I started with the edge, but I just had no idea if I was upside down or not. Then filling in the rest you just kind of have to guess a bit. Matching colours or patterns you can see then trying to piece together the chinks to create a while.

One more than one occasion I found myself taking the wrong path and having to carefully move bits round again. Oh I do love a good puzzle!

My completed Wasjig
My completed Wasjig

The quality of all the things we tried out was superb and the prices are very reasonable too. Now I’ve completed my puzzle it will go to my granddad and then probably be passed round the family for completion. L’s Bob the Builder set is very impressive as I can see it lasting him quite some time as the puzzle pieces get smaller and the puzzles a bit more complex, so it’s a great way to grow into them. The Peppa game is great fun too and will certainly last him a while as he learns to play it properly.

So we will get plenty of use out of everything which s nice.

JumboGames - Any Way to Stay at Home Competition Image
JumboGames – Any Way to Stay at Home Competition Image

The prize

Bob the Builder 9in1 Puzzle Bumper Pack

There is no job too big or too small that Bob and his enthusiastic team can’t handle, and they are always ready to assist their community in every way they can. This 9in1 bumper pack has 9 puzzles that little ones can enjoy featuring all their favourite characters. For ages 3+

Peppa Pig Party Time Race Game

This fun game is something young fans can enjoy with friends and family. The aim of the game is to be the first player to get to Susy Sheep’s party… with the invitation card, however there is only one invite and obstacles in their way to make this game more exciting to play. Suitable for 2-4 players and children aged 4+

Fireman Sam 35pc Puzzle

This 35pce Fireman Sam puzzle can be fun for the children as well as the adults, you will need to piece together this puzzle to create a scene from Fireman Sam. Suitable for children 3+.


For your chance to win this great prize bundle just pop your details into the Gleam app below.

Win a puzzle bundle from Jumbo Games

Good luck x

Disclosure – we were gifted our products in exchange for an honest review, Jumbo have also provided the prize bundle. Thank you!

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81 thoughts on “Win a kids game and puzzle bundle from Jumbo Games”

  1. We love doing puzzles and jigsaws! This is such a great bundle for my little ones!

  2. What a fabulous prize bundle, my daughter loves puzzles it would keep her busy for a few hours.

  3. A super bundle that would keep the children busy for hours. Thanks for the chance.

  4. I like to get my grandchildren involved with working on a jigsaw to keep them calm!

  5. Well done on completing a wasgij! We have tried ours twice now and have got fed up of it again lol we will one day hopefully complete!

  6. I would love to win this so that I could play the games with my granddaughter!

  7. I love doing jigsaws with my daughters. we have a good chin wag and it stops the other rooms from getting trashed while we do it lol.

  8. The Wasgij looks hard! But a good challenge. Nephew and niece would love the kids ones.

  9. Fantastic prize; I love puzzles and are great to do with the whole family.

  10. I do love a good puzzle! I love it when it’s raining I get my puzzle mat out and have a go… Always takes ages though. My son is a bit of a puzzle bug like his mum haha xx

  11. Lovely giveaway, my son is loving jigsaw puzzles at the minute so this would be fab for him x

  12. How lovely! Thank you so much for the opportunity, I know the kiddo would love to win 🙂

  13. Its ages since we did a puzzle.. Have not had them for long as a piece or pieces always seem to get lost, a bit like socks. But we always found them relaxing

  14. We enjoy jigsaws too – I like that it’s something we can do together.

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