MI9: The Beginning

Win a Signed Copy of MI9: The Beginning

Britain’s first charity established to support children born with Microtia has published its debut children’s book, a superhero adventure story for kids aged 8 and up. MI9: The Beginning tells the story of five heroic children who save the day on a top secret mission, surpassing their own expectations!

To mark the launch of this epic superhero adventure, the charity is giving away TWO SIGNED COPIES of the book!

MI9: The Beginning

The action-packed adventure features positive representations of each of the unique and inspiring characters who work together to complete their mission. Nothing can stop these kids from succeeding! While navigating life at home, at school and with friends each of the characters discover what makes them unique in the best possible way. This book can help us all to value and celebrate individuality in children through an epic
superhero tale.

The book, which is the first in a series, is published by Spiffing Covers and will be available on Amazon from £6.99 in August. Proceeds raised from the book sales will go towards funding the project and supporting the continuation of services offered by Microtia UK to families of children with Microtia.

MI9: The Beginning

Commenting on the launch of the charity’s debut novel, co-founder and trustee of Microtia UK, Hana Salussolia, said: “I have always loved reading, ever since early childhood. While I love stories of those who overcome challenging circumstances, I often find them heartbreaking. Especially stories about kids who have a uniqueness about them, which means they have to fight harder to overcome things. “There is room on everyone’s bookshelf for a happy story like this one! Where heroes and heroines with differences don’t suffer or struggle with their uniqueness. These characters are already ‘Proud to be me.’ The adventure they go on in this book is one of fantasy that any child will be able to relate to.”

Author Adam Rood put his background in the performing arts to use in creating the plot for this adventure. He also sought feedback on every chapter from his daughters aged 12 and 6. Adam said: “This story is about celebrating all children and what makes each child unique. I hope that by reading this book with their children, parents can identify that every child has their own superpower, which they unlock as they grow and develop.

MI9: The Beginning

Promoting diversity is so important for this generation of parents.” Microtia is a rare condition affecting 1 in 6,000 babies in the UK. The condition is an underdevelopment of the ear(s). The charity has created a free New Parent’s Guide to help understand more about Microtia during the early years. The charity also runs Microtia Mingle UK, a support group for those affected by microtia.

For you chance to win a copy of MI9: The Beginning simply enter your details into the Gleam app below.

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Win a Signed Copy of MI9: The Beginning

Disclosure – the prizes have kingly been gifted by the charity, so whatever you can do to help spread the word, even simply sharing the competition would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. How lovely! It’s so good to see books like this being published these days. The illustrations are fabulous, too.

  2. Would love to win a copy of this book for my son as it looks perfect for some holiday reading.

  3. My niece has Microtia, she just has a little bobble where her ear should be. I would like to win this for her.

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