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Win a Smart Screen Cleaning Cloth

Smart Screen is a revolutionary new antibacterial cloth complete with a detachable pouch, designed specifically for use on phones, laptops, glasses, gaming consoles, infotainment screens – any tech you can lay your hands on! A Blue Shield silver ion agent within the materials’ weave kills 99.9% of bacteria and the microfibre cloth is machine washable at 30℃.

Smart Screen

In addition to the six original colours, a Gold Edition has been added to the collection with intricate, soft gold foil detailing on one side. This luxury product will make a perfect companion as you embark on your travels, return to the office or as you scroll through your phone on the sofa!

The original collection (available in Camel Brown, Navy Blue, Powder Blue, Slate Grey, Polar White and Saffron Yellow) is £9.95 and the Gold Edition is £11.95.

I’ve been sent the Gold Edition to try out and I love it. As a glasses wearer I’m often found cleaning my specs on the bottom of my top, which rarely ever has the desired effect of actually cleaning anything! So it’s nice to have the Smart Screen on me to actually keep my vision blur free.

Smart Screen

It’s been great on my phone and laptop as well and now the handy little storage pouch spends a lot of time in my work jacket pocket, as I work in retail selling phones it’s handy to be able to keep my own clean and germ free.

I love the handy little pouch and the cloth folds away nicely into it and can be snapped on or off. I have been keeping it attached if I’m honest as it’s just nice to keep it all together and to not have to worry about dropping anything.

Smart Screen

The anti-bacterial properties will last up to 15 machine washes at 30℃ and as you don’t have to wash it unless it’s visibly soiled that’s a lot of use you are getting out of this neat little product.

For your chance to win one of 5 of the original collection Smart Screen Microfibre Antibacterial cleaning cloths simply enter your details into the Gleam app below.

Good luck x

Win a Smart Screen antibacterial cleaning cloth

Disclosure – I was gifted my Smart Screen. They have also supplied the competition prizes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

55 thoughts on “Win a Smart Screen Cleaning Cloth”

  1. I’m a glasses wearer too and I always clean mine on the bottom of my top as well! Sometimes it just makes them so much worse! This would be fab and so handy in my bag for my glasses and phone.

  2. What a fantastic invention! I am always looking for something to clean my phone, especially since the pandemic. I’m terrible for using it in the kitchen when my hands aren’t clean (damp/juicy..etc) and getting marks on the screen which I then just usually manage to smudge even further across the screen in my attempts to clean them off….

    (and I hear you with the glasses thing haha)

  3. I need this in my life, for my glasses and my screens. How do glasses in particular get so dirty ?

  4. My glasses are forever in need of cleaning, and my screen, bless her, rarely gets a wipe so she needs this!!

  5. As most of us are glued to our screens each day, this would come in very handy.

  6. I have not seen this product previously but just having purchased a new television it is a ‘must have.’

  7. My phone could use on these as it gets so grubby it does not respond to touch after a while

  8. This sounds so useful, I always lose those cleaning cloths that come with glasses.

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