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Win a Write Size Prize Bundle

Did you see Write Size on Dragon’s Den? Well now you’ve got the chance to win a fabulous bundle of these amazing pencils.

The Write Size philosophy is simple, Better Control equals Better Results, but how can kids get better control of their writing when everything is designed for adults?

Well in 2012 Ross Williams, with a few of his family created the innovate and revolutionary Write Size to make learning to write easier.

The range was created from his own experiences of watching his young children learning to write, as they began their first homework tasks. He watched as their pencils oscillated uncontrollably and their hands began to cramp.

Write Size
Write Size

Following months of in depth research and work with children, it was found that we do not equip children with the right size tool in proportion to their hands, which on average are 50% smaller than an adults.

Therefore, it is simply not logical to teach a five year old a fundamental life skill with an oversized tool, that is made for an adults hand.

Creating the thicker pencils, with a shorter length and tougher lead makes writing easier, for hands that were 50% smaller.

Simple really isn’t it.

So now you could win a fab bundle of their products worth £30, just enter your details in the Gleam app below.

Win a Write Size Bundle worth £30

Good luck xx

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87 thoughts on “Win a Write Size Prize Bundle”

  1. when I first heard about these pencils I thought it must be a wind-up, but your review and their FB page make it clear these are not just short adult pencils.

    1. Ha ha, I have to admit when I saw the little snippet you get before Dragons Deb I thought the same. But then when they explained it all it did make such sense. A lot of thought has gone into them

  2. Saw – them first on Dragon’s Den – think they missed a trick. It seems so obvious (now) to size their pencils when you consider everything else is size appropriate – clothes, shoes, beds, chairs, plates. Five of my grand-kids are under 6 so these would be so useful.

  3. great for my daughter, she’s about ready to move from pencil to pens at school

  4. What a great idea, perfect for any child learning to write. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  5. This quite brilliant. My son always moan Tha the pens are too tight and it can’t get a good grip while my daughter holds her pen quite well. Love the idea.

  6. What a fab idea, would be perfect for my twin grand-kiddies that have just started school

  7. My young niece has recently started school. These would be ideal to practice with.

  8. Brilliant idea, my sons just started school and he does struggle with normal pencils.

  9. Sounds logical not to put oversized tools into children’s smaller hands. I wonder if the same principle applies to adults of all shapes and sizes?

  10. I can remember at primary school we had to earn the right to use a pen. I think that because of this my handwriting is a lot neater and easy to read. So, I think this is such a good idea and parents, teachers or anyone with wee ones should consider using these.

  11. I didn’t see this on Dragon’s Den but it sounds like a brilliant idea.

  12. I saw these on Dragons Den and thought what a brill idea (we was shocked they didn’t get the investment) my son has autism and hypermobility and struggles writing as his wrists hurt him quickly and I thought they would be ideal.

  13. its amazing the products we can get these days to help our childrens education

  14. Three of the younger nieces are in the first few years of school, perfect for them <3

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