Win a Years Supply of Zoflora

For the best fresh scents, disinfectant power and easy cleaning I always turn to Zoflora. With so many different ways you can use it and a scent for any occasion I’m never disappointed.

Whether it’s in the mop water, a splash down the kitchen sink or just being used to disinfect all the doors handles and high touch points I know I’m good with Zoflora.

It’s absolutely brilliant with pet odours too and got us out of a pickle when the cat was unwell, the pet range helped us get everything spick and span and removed the odours.


I think we’ll be using a lot over the next few days, after a house flooding incident at the weekend we’ve got a lot of damp and musty smells to deal with as well as a lot of cleaning to do. Spray Zoflora over the concrete floor, we’ve had to pull the carpets up, will help remove the odours and kill of any bacteria thinking about settling in and getting mouldy.

I love the choice of scents and enjoy having a little browse to decide or grabbing the latest one released. If I can’t make up my mind, or I’m feeling adventurous I add it to my online grocer order and they pick a scent at random. It’s a very boring and grown up gamble but I rather enjoy it!


Have you got a favourite scent or place to use it? Please let me know if you do. I’m always up for extra hints and tips.

For your chance to win a years supply of Zoflora products simply enter you details into the Gleam app below.

Good luck x

Win a Years Supply of Zoflora Products

Disclosure – Zoflora are kindly supplying the prize. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Images are via Zoflora

75 thoughts on “Win a Years Supply of Zoflora”

  1. these products sound like something I need. With all the stuff with covid I am very careful about how I am cleaning and sanitizing. I have had the shots but I am still wearing a mask because I don’t really feed completely safe

  2. I love Zoflora products. Always work well and such a lovely range of scents to choose from!

  3. Always loved Zoflora, and love how they bring out wonderful new scents to try. House always smells so fresh.

  4. I love Zoflora. They all just smell so lovely. I love walking back into my home after say a day out with the family and it just smells nice and homely when you walk through the door.

  5. I first used Zoflora after getting a goody bag with it in at the Ideal Home Show. This would have been 15-20 years ago. The lavender one. I liked it so much that I use it for practically everything these days so this would be a really useful prize!

  6. these sound like awesome cleaning products – would love to try these in my home. Thanks!

  7. I’ve got 2 dogs so anything with a lovely smell that also disinfects is great!

  8. Zoflora is an absolute favourite of mine. It works, and it smeels lovely too

  9. I love Zoflora, I have been using it for many years and love all the new fragrances

  10. Zoflora has been a favourite product here for so many years – love that there are so many different gragrances

  11. My house is in need of a good Spring clean even though it’s now Summer

  12. I discovered Zoflora about ten years ago and wouldn’t be without it. The fragrances are fabulous.

  13. I’ve never tried zoflora. I think I’m the only woman in the UK who doesn’t have any in her cleaning cupboard. Thanks for the chance to win some.

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