Win a How to be a Mumpreneur Course

Win an amazing Mumpreneur course

You may have guessed from the name of my blog, Any Way To Stay At Home, I did not want to be tied to the office after the birth of my son. I don’t think of myself as a Mumpreneur, but maybe I am.

I like many mum’s wanted the freedom to be my own boss and work from home. It has not been easy. Not at all. In fact just this week things have gone wrong for me (post to follow).

Despite all the up’s and down’s, home is still where I want to be. I don’t want to have to worry about my son being ill and how I can balance caring for him and a job. I love being able to go to everything without any worries. I am in charge of my schedule. Mainly I really love just being able to maximise my time with him.

A sunny work area
You could all have your own sunny workplace like mine

For me working from home is the way forward. But what if you want to work from home bit know what to do or how to do it?
Well here’s where I pass over to Josie from Mumpreuner Inspiration, to tell you all about herself and her new course.

My name’s Josie, I live in Essex with my husband Chris, my son Stanley who’s 6 and my daughter Eliza who’s 3.

I’ve previously worked as a bookseller and a careers adviser and was a librarian until I had my daughter. Rather than going back to work after she was born, I decided to set up my own business running baby and toddler classes based around books.

While I loved the book element, I’m not great with children so decided to look for something else to do and discovered the franchise Mum2mum Market Nearly New Sales, a concept I loved straight away. Once my sales were established and my children were in school and preschool I was ready for a new project.

Become Mumpreneur
Become Mumpreneur

When I’d been considering becoming self employed I’d really enjoyed reading about Mums who’d started their own businesses and had the idea of a website that shared them and so I decided that it was time to launch it. The site, Mumpreneur Inspiration, now features the stories of more than 100 Mums.

Reading the stories that have been shared, I could see that lots of Mums had struggled to find a suitable business and that, along with my own experience of starting a business that wasn’t right for me, inspired me to use my careers guidance and business skills to put together a course for Mums who wanted to find the right business idea for them.

While I have an initial adult teaching qualification and some experience of teaching when working in a college library, getting comfortable in front of the camera and editing my videos has been a steep learning curve. It’s taken 6 months to create and publish the course but I’m really proud of it.

The course is for any Mum who finds the idea of being self employed appealing but hasn’t had that eureka moment when a great business idea comes to them. It explores what it’s really like to be self employed. How to work out what you want from a business. Generating business ideas and then evaluating them to see if they offer what you’re looking for.

It also covers the different ways you can manage childcare when running a business and the skills you need for self employment. I’m giving away free access to five people to get some feedback on the course via the review that can be left when the course is completed. This will help me make any necessary changes to the course and let future students know what other people thought.

The course is hosted on Udemy and you can find all the details on the course homepage:

Become Mumpreneur
Become Mumpreneur

Sounds amazing doesn’t it?! If you want to be one of the first people to take this course and would be willing to leave a review after you have worked through it all, then simply leave a comment telling Josie and I why you think it would be helpful to you.

The first five people to comment will get given free access to the course.

Remember to add your email address when you leave your comment. No one else will see it but it means we’ll be able to get in touch with you about the course.

UPDATE 08/08/2016 – all the free courses have now been claimed but please feel free to carry on commenting as I always love to hear from you xx

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post and I have received payment for my time. However, I fully support Josie and think the course will be amazing.

11 thoughts on “Win an amazing Mumpreneur course”

  1. Sounds interesting I already run a business, but want to emigrate at some point over the next five years so would be great to have an established from home business

    1. I love that this course is also appealing to people already running a business, I’ll pass your details onto Josie so she can send you the details. I’d love to hear how you get on afterwards. Xx

  2. Good to share ideas, support each other etc. As any new adventure needs information, resources, experience etc.

    1. That’s exactly it Rachel. New ideas and support from someone who has been there and done it. Josie will be in touch with the details. Do let me know how you got on. X

  3. Sounds interesting – I work from home part time already but would like to develop my own business

  4. I have just started maternity leave and baby#3 is due very shortly. I feel more determined now to find something that enables me to be comfortable working from home. No idea where to start, so this would be very useful for me.

  5. I am just about to start my own business and it would be lovely to be able to get a free course as this would help me learn useful things and have a better understanding about the whole thing and how it would work for me.

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