Win an Alfresco Opies Summer Gift Hamper

Alfresco Opies

Dust off the barbecue, roll out the picnic rug and book the beach hut. Opies has a whole host of delicious store-cupboard essentials that really come into their own in the summer and form the basis of many delicious culinary shortcuts.

My favourite treat, cocktail gherkins

Opies Gherkins are essential for a barbecue as there’s no better way to top a burger or to add crunch to a hot dog! Add texture and taste to a salad and scatter over some capers and cocktail onions.

For dessert, compotes are an easy option: top a meringue, stir into yogurt or make your own version of Eton Mess!

Cocktail cherries are the perfect addition to a summer tipple

To help get us ready for the better weather and enjoy some summer fun Opies have arranged 2 delicious hampers, each worth over £25, for you guys to try to win.

Each hamper basket is to include:

  • Cocktail Gherkins
  • Cocktail Onions
  • Organic Capers
  • Cocktail Cherries
  • Sliced Lemons
  • Black Cherries in Kirsch
  • Summer Berry Compote
  • Gooseberry Compote
Capers are a new love of mine

If that’s got your taste buds tingling and you’d like to be in with a chance to win, simply enter your details into the Gleam app below.

Enter Competition

I’d love for you to share your recipe ideas in the comments, I need some inspiration. I tend to just sit with a fork and a jar of gherkins until they are gone. Help me out here!

Disclosure – Opies have kindly gifted the prize hampers.

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75 thoughts on “Win an Alfresco Opies Summer Gift Hamper”

  1. capers are brilliant with crusty bread and cheese, especially a strong flavoured cheese such as Manchego or Gruyere.

  2. Gherkins are fab on burgers, get the kids taste buds tingling with some pickles too!

  3. A gherkin salad!!! Mixed with cucumber, shallots and rapeseed oil. Always good in a big fat burger too!!!

  4. A complete reinvention of the 1970’s cocktail party nibbles. Love it

  5. Make lamb chops,and pop gherkins, sundried Tom’s, anchovies and splash of soy in blender. Whizz up and heat through pour over chops voila.

  6. I could happily do the fork and jar of gherkins thing – or even forgo the fork, since OH hates gherkins so the only germs my fingers would transfer to the jar would be my own! But they (and most other pickles) are also delicious with patés and cold pork pies, so I like to keep a few back for that.

  7. There’s some amazing tastes and flavours in those little jars. The slices of lemon would go lovely with the Gin Cocktails you mentioned in your ‘Spring Cocktails from Aldi’ post? 😉 I’d pop a bottle in the picnic basket. x

  8. Capers are lovely with roasted fennel in a pasta dish with tomato sauce, anchovies perk up a pizza every once in a while and gherkins make a great addition to standard coleslaw!

  9. I use capers in a kale and anchovy pasta dish I make – it’s delicious, mmm salty!!

  10. There are so many things I could use these for ! thank you for a great giveaway !

  11. What a lovely little give away, perfect for a picnic, when the weathers better obv!! 🙂

  12. this hamper sounds delicious!! it would go down well in my household!

  13. Wow role on barbecue weather. I’d have every accompaniment I’d need.

  14. Here’s a really simple recipe for Warm Potato Salad with Tarragon cream, great with bbq fish and meat.
    550g baby new potatoes
    4½ tbsp olive oil
    2 shallots, finely sliced
    1 tbsp white-wine vinegar
    2 tbsp double cream
    leaves from 4 sprigs of tarragon, chopped
    50g (1¾oz) pickled gherkin diced

  15. How lovely! We’ve had rain today so this is brightening things up! 🙂

  16. I’ve never heard of Opies until today but the food looks absolutely delicious.

  17. enjoy any kind of weather, get out and do things, a walk in the park.

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