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Win an Office Chair

I don’t know if this is just our household but working from home doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, in fact it looks like becoming a permanent fixture. With that in mind there can be no more just making do with what we’ve got! Thankfully Lakeland Furniture have a huge amount of choice, so when it comes to finding the right office chair they’ve got your back. Plus they sell all sorts of other chairs and garden furniture.

august plans
We’re so glad we had built the extra space

Before the lockdowns and before Covid was something we even thought about we had built an extension to give ourselves a little more space. Part of that was a very multi purpose spare room, part office, part guest room, part storage. We thought it out well and made sure we had space for a futon for guests. Sorted out a wall mounted desk that could be folded away when not in use. Got a full furniture set so we could use the wardrobe for the clothes that don’t always get worn and had no space and drawers for all my crafting supplies. The only thing we didn’t get was an office chair because it wouldn’t have anywhere to live when the space was being used as a bedroom and I was more than happy using a chair from the dining table for the few hours each day I was using the desk.

Then everything changed.

Home learning
Home schooling was interesting

Overnight our routines were thrown into disarray. The schools were closed and I had to switch from working during the day to working in the evening. All of a sudden the spare room stopped being a space for me to work in peace and quiet and craft. Me and my Chromebook were relegated back to the sofa and it was a full time office, with two monitors and copious amounts of paperwork and a husband thinking he could actually use my stationery! I was actually at work when the announcement was made, so came home to a mild panic and a lot of ‘what on earth will we do’s’.

It was only temporary though. Only temporary.

One fold away desk and a very uncomfortable chair

So my husband drove to his office, gathered everything he would need for the foreseeable future, including his office chair and we sorted out a home office and set very clear boundaries on which paper clips were up for grabs and which pens he could actually touch. So grateful for the extra space we had created.

My day job were great about swapping my hours about to accommodate the childcare aspect and blogging very much took a back seat, I simply couldn’t do it all.

Finally now, things are starting to settle down, things are going back to the way they were. The only thing is home working seems here to stay for my husband, it looks like there will be a mix of being in the office a few days a week and at home for the rest of it. This means the chair he borrowed from his office has had to go back, but he can’t work 8 hours a day from a dining chair either so we’ve had to find a new chair for home.

We’re getting into the swing of things again now.

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Thinking that we can’t be the only people who have found themselves in this situation and with a lot of employers becoming a bit more flexible the guys over at Lakeland Furniture have very kindly arranged for one of my readers to win a stunning Oblek Office Chair in Dark Grey worth £139.99! All you have to do is enter your details into the Gleam app below.

Good luck x

Win an Office Chair worth £139.99

Disclosure – Lakeland Furniture have kindly donated the prize. I haven’t received any goods or monetary compensation.

110 thoughts on “Win an Office Chair”

  1. I think a lot of us have had rooms taken over for working from home. With us it’s the dining room so it would be great to have this stylish edition to our office/dining room.

  2. This would be so handy. We have four adults working from home at the moment and guess who has the dining room chair!

  3. Currently borrowing my Dads office chair after ours fell apart , I would love to win this for my husband who is still working from home 🙂 (urgh lol)

  4. Would absolutely love this for my partner who is working from home on a dining chair which is really uncomfortable!

  5. I have been shielding for almost 18 months and working on the computer from a rattan chair is getting very “old” . This looks perfect !

  6. That’s a great looking ergonomically friendly office chair, @lakelanduk a name synonymous with comfort, quality and style. ❤️ Thanks to Anywaytostay for running this must have competition.

  7. I am really tight for chair space .. my current torn and battered chair is simply too big.. This would be phenomenal, not to mention how cosy and comfy it looks.. Thank you for this fantastic chance to win. x

  8. This would help so much, dining chair keeps making my Bum numb! But it does remind me to take plenty of screen breaks! Thanks for this! x

  9. That chair looks really comfortable, and I love the style too. I find so often office chairs are so unattractive (I know, unimportant compared to comfort and posture but…!)

  10. In order to support your back, it is extremely important to own a good, strong chair – this one looks perfect.

  11. looks amazing – currently use a dining chair at the desk – this would be a massive improvement!

  12. Like I have said on the instagram post, this chair does’nt look like it will hurt my bum like my one does lol…. plenty of padding on your one x

  13. This looks like a great quality chair which is important when spending so much time at home

  14. A great prize which would be great to win since my office chair is on it’s last legs.

  15. This chair is ideal as I’ve found a lot of office chairs have arms on them which don’t slide in under my desk

  16. This would be amazing to stop the pain I get in my back when I spend too long sitting at my laptop!!

  17. What a stylish and comfy chair. Grey and chrome look so good together, too.

  18. What a fantastic prize! Getting a bit sick of my dining table chair now!!

  19. I need an office chair without arms as my one doesn’t go under the table which is really annoying!

  20. I currently just sit on the edge of the sofa using cushions to try and support my back, so I’d love to win this chair

    1. I think that’s true of a lot of people. Working from home, students having to do all their lectures online, even my little one would have benefited from a proper chair (just at his height)

  21. This chair would be perfect for my daughter who is now going to be permanently working from home

    1. Is she happy about the move to working from home, I keep reading in the media that people hate but I haven’t found a single person yet in real life who isn’t enjoying it.

  22. Great office chair and just what I need, thank you🤞
    Love your light box too, would like to know where to get one like that.

    1. It’s really nice isn’t it, I know a lot of people who have suffered with make do chairs for a year now and could do with a proper office chair. I got the lightbox from Home Bargains a few years ago now.

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