Shark Bite

Win Shark Bite from Drumond Park


NEW from Drumond Park this Autumn comes the hilarious Shark Bite table-top game (age 4+, rrp £24.99, for 2-4 players). The big question is… can you save your catch before that big old shark snaps his jaws closed? The game play of this hugely entertaining game of youthful dexterity is fun and easy – and it’s a great way for little ones to build on those all-important fine motor skills and learn turn-taking, too.

Shark Bite

Play begins in seconds – you just set the mechanical shark’s mouth to fully open and place the 12 pieces of yummy Fish Food into the holes within the gaping jaws. When it’s your turn, a roll of the dice determines how many fish you have to catch, and using your fishing rod, it’s time to rescue the fish from the shark!

If you drop your fish, keep dipping your rod in, until you hook the fish the whole way out of the shark’s mouth. But watch out… because at any time, the shark can snap his jaws shut – and then you lose all of your catch!Shark Bite

The tension builds with every faltering (or confident!) dip and swing of the fishing rod, as the young players take their turns to hook ‘em out… Then come the inevitable squeals of horror and delight when the shark’s mouth snaps shut! That means the player has lost all his or her fish, and is out of this round! Play continues round the table until there are no fish left inside the shark’s mouth – and of course, the player with the most fish at the end of the game is THE WINNER!

For your chance to win simply enter your details into the Gleam app below.

Shark Bite

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Win Shark Bite from Drumond Park

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Disclosure – Drumond Park have kindly supplied the prizes.

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108 thoughts on “Win Shark Bite from Drumond Park”

  1. My son has seen this game and thinks that it looks lots of fun. It’s on his Christmas list!

  2. This game looks like so much fun! My daughter would love to find this underneath the Christmas tree! We love playing board and table top games.

  3. This looks like a fun game, I’d love to win it for my nephew. Thanks for the competition.

  4. I am a massive Drumond Park fan, and this looks like another hit – perfect for Christmas!

  5. This game looks awesome with just the right amount of tension! I’m sure my little sisters would love it!

  6. This game reminds me of one I used to play when I was little, I’d love to play this at Christmas with the kids!

  7. My kids would love this game and I think I would too, thanks for the chance to win this cool prize 😁

  8. Would love to play this with my daughter, she is just starting to enjoy playing games.

  9. my little lady keeps going mental when this is advertised on the telly! its deffo top of her xmas list! would love to win and save me some pennies though!

  10. Great game, Looks similar to buckaroo or operation.
    Have the owners thought about making an App for this?

  11. My son and daughter would giggle their heads off at this game! Love it so clever

  12. This would make a great addition to our family game nights, thanks for the chance to win!

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