113 thoughts on “Win SoundMax Headphones from ttec”

  1. What’s the purpose of the protruding plastic thing above the Headphone ?

  2. these look great – I love my wireless headphones but they are looking pretty tatty now after 3 years of continuous use and the battery doesnt hold for long so would love a new pair

  3. these sound great im suremy daughter wouuld love them! thanks for the giveaway

  4. Whoops! Just added a post re. loving to wear the headphones in our campervan to drown out TV noise but put my granddaughters name so please delete! Thank you

  5. I’d love a pair. They would be especially good when away in our campervan and the TV is on. Drives me mad.

  6. I would love these to keep me entertained on the bus to and from work every day.

  7. I got a new pair of headphones a couple of weeks ago, and my son nabbed them to use when gaming! I’d love to get a pair for me to use.

  8. Great headphones, I’m fortunate that I can use them sometimes as work. Thanks

  9. Ive never had wireless headphones, they’d be perfect for running round the house i bet

  10. These would be great for our family with all the technology around the house! I especially like headphones rather than ear buds as they never stay in my funny shaped ears!!

  11. Lovely giveaway, would love to win for my son. Thanks for the chance.

  12. wow, great prize for those summer walks when the kids are at school and I need some thinking time with music!!

  13. this would be perfect for me and my daughter to use whilst we play games on our computer

  14. Wow these would be a big benefit to myself & family, love the wireless makes it so much easier why jogging 🏃‍♀️ please count me in 😊 awesome giveaway

  15. Wow, these are cool! Would love these for any type of walking about, or for my grumpy Netflix in bed moments ‘)

  16. I haven’t experienced the wireless headphone revolution yet, but fingers crossed I may get the chance here. I just hope that they aren’t too big, I have a small head!

  17. These sound great – would make a lovely surprise anniversary gift for my husband, its our 30th in June :o)

  18. Thanks – I’m always listening to chart music/dance music to keep me motivated at the gym.

  19. I really need these so I can use my devices whilst husband listens to his music!

  20. I always like a back up pair of headphones for my 2nd son still at home as if his go I have a pair on hand for him. If I dont he will pinch mine as I have found out before! Kids huh! Dont matter there age Mom will always sort it. Thwaw look like a great pair I would have and put my old ones in the spares repair and spare parts tech box we have

  21. Great prize, I’d love to win these amazing headphones for my nephew as it is his 21st birthday in August.

  22. would love these, have not had wireless ones before, must be great to be able to move around

  23. These look fantastic I think my son would love these as well, great giveaway

  24. I have always wanted to own a pair of these headphones fingers crossed xx

  25. I would love these so that I can listen to podcasts on my phone without disturbing anyone else

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