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Win with Derwent

I’m all about calm and mindfulness so this beautiful prize from Derwent is right up my street. You could win one of their fabulous colouring books and a set of pastel pencils.

Just imagine a little bit of peace and quite, a nice cup of tea or even better a glass of wine and sitting back and relaxing with a little bit of colouring in. 

Your mind focusing on nothing but the colours and patterns. The calm and repetitive motion of colouring helping to clear your mind of all those niggling worries if only for a few minutes.

I really enjoy a bit of grown up colouring in time and with this lovely set hopefully you will too.

The Pastel Pencils have a brilliant soft powdery texture that produces a smooth velvety finish, just like a Pastel. Ideal for blending and colour mixing. As they are pencils they are really convenient and easy to use.

Derwent prize pack
Derwent prize pack

The Derwent Unwind in the Wild colouring book has been created in collaboration with artist Sarah Taylor. The nature themed images are beautiful and allow for the creation of some truly stunning pieces of work.

Inspired by Sarah’s home location of the English Lake District, there is a selection of flora and fauna, to capture the imagination. Coupled with a high quality finish, the Derwent Unwind in the Wilds colouring book makes a perfect gift, or even a great personal project to increase your colouring, shading and blending skills.

To enter simply pop your details into the Gleam app below. If you win don’t forget to share some your completed colouring pages with me.

Win a Derwent Colouring Bundle

Good luck x

Disclosure – these prizes have been provided free of charge

137 thoughts on “Win with Derwent”

  1. My daughter suffers from stress and anxiety and has found adult colouring so helpful.

  2. How lovely, i love colouring to relax for 5 🙂 thankyou so much for the chance.

  3. I love colouring I find it really calming, even colour in my sons book!

  4. I remember being 11 and getting a wooden pencil box, a pen, some Derwent pencils and crayons and a brown leather satchel for passing my 11+. Proudest day ever.

  5. Could really do with one of these to unwind and destress especially with the school holidays!!

  6. Lovely prize, still haven’t found the time to indulge in my colouring

  7. Thank you for offering this prize.I have only recently got into adult colouring,Like you say it is so relaxing.

  8. I love these colouring books and the pencils are great. Hopefully I will get this great prize.

  9. I am a big fan of Derwent products as they are affordable but still good quality. Thanks for the super giveaway.

  10. I;d love to win this for my daughter, shes really enjoying adult colouring at the moment

  11. My son loves colouring and I do too, it’s something we can do together and it really helps me relax after a heavy day with the kiddies!

  12. I find colouring in soothes my mood especially if I’m a bit “uptight” after a ridiculously difficult phone conversation with a pharmacist who seems to know less than I do about MY repeat prescription!

  13. a lovely therapeutic prize, would like to win this as have spent the last several months off work on long term sick, some tranquil colouring in may be just the medicine i need. fingers crossed and good luck to everyone.

  14. I use to colour when I was younger, haven’t done any later in life must try it

  15. I colour with my boys, 8 and 6, and I went to art school so I know a good pencil when I see one. Also my name is Sarah Taylor(-Fergusson) too!

  16. This looks like a really nice quality set. I do like colouring but my son will probably ‘borrow’ the pencils!

  17. Love Derwent products and visited their pencil factory and museum in Keswick which was very interesting

  18. This looks so relaxing .. a great way to unwind at the end of the day…..

  19. I love colouring and drawing with my grandson. It’s so therapeutic …. find it really relaxing.!

  20. Me and my eldest daughter both love colouring. I find it really relaxing and a good way to destress.

  21. I have found colouring to be very relaxing and it seems to be something my family enjoy.

  22. I’m so glad the world has discovered how relaxing colouring in is – as a keen rubberstamper, it’s something I have known for many years!

  23. i love colouring in even though im 43,my hubby bought me a calm colouring book for my birthday it so relaxing

  24. Colouring is an excellent way to unwind whilst having a cup of tea. Thanks for taking the time to host a giveaway.

  25. Great giveaway, I’m a big fan of relaxation colouring. I love quirky colouring books, I have a David Bowie one and a Lord of the Rings one which are excellent

  26. Such a wonderful ptize to giveaway! I took up the colouring bug a year ago and love it as it helps me to relax plus it’s fun x

  27. I love colouring, I am making my way through a colouring book at the moment and its so relaxing

  28. I remember getting Derwent pencils for a birthday present. I loved just looking at the colours.

  29. I find it very calming to colour in – have to be quick before the girls use up my colouring books

  30. I used to have to hide my love od ‘colouring-in’ but now I can be open about it 🙂 Will dot-to-dot became the same?

  31. Love art, try my best, but haven’t painted for a while :/
    Great giveaway 🙂

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