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I’ve got a super refreshing competition for you all today! Soda Folk make delicious American Style drinks and I’ve got a mixed pack of 16 cans up for grabs.

The Soda Folk range of classic American-style sodas are all free from unnecessary ingredients and preservatives. The rather lovely company is founded on the basis of being authentic, honest, natural and true to their roots, bringing Good Soda, to Good Folk, who do Good Deeds.

Cans of drinks

With Cherry, Cream Soda, Root Beer and Grape to choose from everyone is going to be happy. The cans look beautiful and each shows the story of the folk that inspired the soda.

Soda Folk is available in a variety of pack sizes including of 4 x 330ml cans for £3.75 RRP at Sainsburys, 16 x 330ml cans for £16.99 RRP, and packs of 24x 330ml for £23.99 through either Amazon or Soda Folk’s online shop. You can also try a cold can of cream soda or root beer at restaurants like Byron and TGI Fridays when we’re allowed back to them!

I was excited to try the flavours, especially the Cream Soda which is one of my favourite drinks. It didn’t disappoint, so yummy with a real creamy flavour. It turns out it’s L’s favourite too, which meant after my first drink I didn’t get another sniff at them. I don’t know if it was the flavour, the picture of the strong man on the front or the novelty of being allowed a can of drink but he was hooked.

The grape flavour really reminds me of something. A sweet or something similar that I’ve eaten in the past, but not recently. It’s delicious but not being able to place the flavour is really bugging me, so if you could all go out and try one and tell me what I’m reminded of I’d be eternally grateful!

Soda Folk

Now I’ll be honest the Root Beer wasn’t for me, I’m sure it’s a very good root beer but I am genuinely not sure what our friends in American were thinking when they came up with this one. It tastes like medicine and not in a good way.

The Cherry Soda is a delight. Not as sweet as the cherryade I’m used to, a bit crisper and far more refreshing. I’m a big fan of this one. It’s really delicious. The Cherry Soda also made an appearance in my Gin Subscription box for February so that was a lovely surprise.

I love that they are all vegan-friendly and gluten-free with 100% natural ingredients and I’m hoping to see o,re of them.

For your chance to win a mixed case of 16 simply enter your details into the Gleam app below.

Win a mixed case of Soda Folk drinks

Good luck x

Disclosure – we were gifted our Soda Folk drinks to try and they have kindly also provided the prize pack. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

121 thoughts on “Win with Soda Folk”

  1. These drinks look so refreshing would be ideal for days out and spring/summer evenings in the garden.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity xx

  2. Ooh, they look delicious. I enjoyed Creaming Soda ( we called it Creaming not Cream) when I was growing up and find myself drawn to that flavour even now.

  3. I absolutely love grape soda and I’m so excited that I’ve discovered this brand, thank you! 🤤

    1. The grape soda immediately took me back to our honeymoon in the states, but I still can’t quite place the flavour, Jolly Ranchers mayber. If you try it please put me out of my misery

    1. Would love the chance to try these, they sound delicious. Not seen them anywhere yet.

  4. I really fancy trying the cherry soda. Cherry is one of my favourite flavours

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