Wonderful Wooden Toys from Goula

With cousins and younger friends visiting it’s nice to have some toys in the house that everyone can play with. Something not too young for L, but fun and safe enough for our younger guests too.

GOULA Robot Mix

The new range of GOULA wooden toys from Jumbo Games fit the bill perfectly. Aimed at preschoolers they are still of interest to L and allow him to ‘teach’ his friends how to play and everyone is happy and occupied.

Bunny's Garden

We’ve got GOULA Robot Mix, a nice little game where you can build your own robot using the bright and colourful pre-printed, chunky lolly stick style pieces. It’s fun and has different difficulty levels for the children as the grow. It’s also nice and compact and easy to pop in a bag and take out and about with you, a nice little thing to play with at a cafe or take to a friend’s house.

Playing Robot Mix

L’s favourite game is Bunny’s Garden. A nice wibbly, wobbly bunny rabbit that you can balance his carrots and other vegetable from the garden on. You can play to simply practise balancing and help those fine motor skills, or you can start talking abouts weights and how each side needs to be equal.

It’s fun, tactile and looks great too. It’s just a really appealing little game.

Bunny's Garden

It’s a lovely range of toys and has something for everyone. We have enjoyed the toys we received and it’s handy to have something in the house that everyone can play with. Plus wooden toys are always just lovely and last really well.

With Christmas just round the corner these are well worth thinking about., I know they would be well received.

Disclosure – we were gifted our toys in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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