Wordsearch Junior

Wordsearch Junior Review & Competition

Wordsearch Junior is a great game from my favourite guys at Drumond Park. We’ve been lucky enough to get one to play with at home. I also have one to giveaway.

As it is aimed at ages 4+ and they have been very clever with the wordsearches themselves, meaning they are great for several different age groups.

Wordsearch Junior
L has been having so much fun playing Wordsearch Junior

L has been more taken with this game than I was expecting. I love a wordsearch and found the idea of the game very appealing (I would rather like the adult version). I think it’s great getting something fun and educational and for me it seemed the perfect game to have in the house to help get L a little bit more ready for school next year and just a bit more familiar with words, spelling and phonics. It has certainly got me practising my phonics, as I’m spelling everything out with him!

Wordsearch Junior
Getting a game going

The premise is simple, find your word and cover it with your coloured counters. It then moves over to the next person to find a word and place their counters. If your word goes through that of one which has already been found by another player, you get to remove their counter and replace it with your own. The winner is the person who has the most coloured counters by the end of the game.

In the box you get 4 sets of coloured counters, the playing board (which is super easy to put together) and some double sided playing wordsearch inserts.

Wordsearch Junior
Even the cat loves it, well, he loves the box

The inserts come in three levels. The easiest being just pictures, so you have will have to find the correct combination on the board. Cat, Cat, Dog for example. The next level is pictures and words, so you would have a picture of a Daisy followed by the word Daisy, this has been the level I’ve been playing at with L. Having the picture on the board helps him find the word and where it starts, we then work through the correct letters together, spelling it out. The hardest level, is just the words. I love that we have this to work towards.

Wordsearch Junior
So happy with his new game

L keeps asking to play his word game and sits ever so nicely to do it. My over excitable child who dislikes taking instruction with a passion and can barely concentrate for more than 3 seconds, sitting, concentrating and bowling me over with how much he has grown and changed. He does like to throw a curveball at me every now and then! I can’t tell you just how happy I am to have this at home, it really does seem to be the ideal mix of educational and fun, I can see him learning and the grin on his face just shows how much fun he is having.

Wordsearch Junior
Yey, I found it

Wordsearch Junior has a rrp of £22.99 and is for age 4+, for 1-4 players. For stockists and to play games online, visit www.drumondpark.com

If you want to play here’s your chance to win your own Wordsearch Junior Game just enter your details into the Gleam App below.

Win Wordsearch Junior from Drumond Park

Good luck x

Disclosure – we were gifted our review copy however all opinions are my own.

61 thoughts on “Wordsearch Junior Review & Competition”

  1. We had this game last year and it has been played that often the cards are worn around the edges,it’s been a great help with spelling tests for school too x

    1. I’m not surprised you’ve found it helpful, I’ve noticed how it really interests L and think it will be perfect for him when he starts school. It helps that it is so much fun

  2. would love this game to help the grandkids with they spelling, but it’s fun at the same time

  3. My youngest struggles with her spelling. I think this game would be a great way to get her to enjoy it again.

  4. What a fantastic idea 🙂 I wasn’t struck until I read your review, and it looks so much better than I expected!

  5. What a lovely game – we love playing games at Christmas in particular.

  6. This would be a great addition to our board games for the children to play on our monthly family games nights

  7. Great – a game where the boys are being educated without realising it

  8. My daughter loves wordsearch activities. It really helps her vocabulary and keeps her occupied. This looks like a great game.

  9. My eldest son has recently got into word searches, I’ve bought him a couple of books for Christmas, but he would love to try this game out.x

    1. It was really nice that moment when things changed from being a bit stressful and him concentrating for 5 minutes, to him actually playing and us being able to enjoy a game

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