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The time has come to start thinking about my husband’s return to the office. It’s weird writing this, it feels like a back to school thing but the kid has been in and out of school like a yo-yo, whereas my husband has been into his office three or four times in the last 12 months. He’s now starting to get prepared for a more permanent switch back to the office in the next few months and it feels like we really need to get prepared for it. Thankfully Trendhim have been here to help.

man in garden wearing sunglasses and satchel
The sunglasses are perfect and the bag makes me a bit jealous

Having been working from home for so long due to the pandemic it was a bit of a shock to the system when he went in one day last week for a site meeting that couldn’t be done virtually. Where was his work bag? He’d have to pack a lunch, no waitress service if you’re not in the spare room. Digging out the smart shirts. Where had his work shoes gone?

Satchel front
This smart fabric satchel is just what he wanted

It was funny that things that just used to be part of the daily routine had been so quickly forgotten and pushed to the back of our minds and cupboards! We found everything he needed fairly easily, a quick iron of the shirts that had been hanging in the back of the wardrobe and a polish of the work shoes that had gathered dust and he was sorted, The zip on his work bag had broken though and he was not loving the packed lunch options or missing out on breakfast with all of us.

open satchel showing laptop pouch and front pocket with space for pens etc
Having the laptop compartment is essential and the pocket at the front with storage for pens and phones is so helpful

So we had to source him a new bag, which is where Trendhim came to the rescue. They have so many accessories for men, all in one place. Finding a bag was going to be a doddle. He needed something with a laptop compartment, as home working is always going to be a thing for him now. I think for everyone he works with time is going to be spent between home and the office, so being able to carry his laptop safely is important. He also needed enough space for his lunch and a drink as well as copious amounts of paperwork.

simple black wraparound sunglasses
These simple black sunglasses are excellent value for money

Before long he found a satchel that he really liked and would do the trick. He’d also been browsing and decided it was time for a new pair of sunglasses, so grabbed a simple pair of black wraparounds whilst he was at it.

Ordering from Trendhim is easy and you get updated on the delivery status every step of the way which I like. Delivery was fast and efficient and before long he had his new bag and glasses.

Accessories from Trendhim
Just need to get everything else ready now!

They are just what he wanted. Exactly as described on the website and really good quality. We loved the range of styles Trendhim have and the way they’ve laid everything out made finding what we wanted easy. From hats and gloves to watches and cufflinks they have it all. We were very impressed.

Disclosure – we were gifted our Trendhim items. All thoughts, opinions and images are our own.

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