Zuru Smashers Dino Epic Egg

L loves dinosaurs and he loves Zuru Smashers, so he was super happy when they released their third series of smashers that were all dino themed. You can only imagine his joy when he received a HUGE Dino Smasher Egg. The Dino Epic Egg to be precise.

Epic Dino Egg
Our Smashers Epic Dino Egg and other goodies

The egg is massive, really large and looks amazing with a bone sticking out of the top. It is really cool and caused a lot of excitement, but L had to wait before he could open it as though they are already available in the UK they haven’t been in other countries and we didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Inside Epic Dino Egg
Once you’ve cracked it open you’ll find the yolk

Well today was the global launch of the egg and he got to smash it open and reveal its many, many surprises!

Inside Epic Dino Egg
Can you see a face eager for me to stop taking photos?!

Now they bill the egg as having over 25 surprises inside, and whilst I can’t make those numbers tally, even being generous about what classes as a surprise, there was still a lot to play with and they were really good things too. Items you can keep and play with again and again, so I’m still happy with the value.

Inside Epic Dino Egg
Here’s what you get

L had no issues with what was inside and dived right in! He was so excited and loved each and every activity. It kept him occupied for ages and would be a great rainy day surprise for any child and a one that costs significantly less than a day out and provides lasting enjoyment.

Excited child
Best dino faces at the ready please

Inside the egg he got:

  • 6 of the normal size Dino Smash Eggs.
  • A smashing tool, like a caveman’s hammer, perfect for smashing and excavating.
  • A nest for the eggs, to help you rebuild them.
  • A scratch map taking you on a guided tour of the contents of the smash egg, L loved following it to see which thing he should do next.
  • A bag of glow in the dark slime.
  • A volcano fizzer.
  • Ice age putty that comes in a large blue egg and is filled with glitter and snowflakes.
  • A bag of brightly coloured kinetic sand.
  • A big dino excavation block.
  • Instructions to help build your very own, exclusive Smash-o-saur Dino
Kinetic sand
I’m not sure he could believe his luck with the sand, that’s his summer sorted!

L was in heaven! Because as if slime, putty, sand, fizzers and messy excavation blocks weren’t enough each one of them hid dino bones. Bones that when built up, almost like a real Paleontologist, make your very own Smash-o-saur Dino Skeleton.

Lava fizz bomb
So much fun!

Both the kinetic sand and slimes come in resealable bags so you can keep them to use again and again. We’ve actually added the sand to our own big box of the stuff but I’ve kept the slime in the handy storage bag and promise I will be brave enough to let L play with it in the dark one evening so we can test it’s glowing capabilities.

Fossil rock
Smashing and bashing to find fossils

The Ice age putty comes in it’s own egg which makes for perfect storage and it’s very satisfying and comes with far less mess stress than the slime!

Slime time!!

The Lava Volcano Fizzer was a lot of fun, it really did explode with a super amount of fizziness when dropped in water but it did also make a bit of a mess, the colour went everywhere thanks to excited hands, so I’d say keep this to the kitchen maybe, or at least somewhere with wipe clean surfaces!

This is amazing, it’s fully jointed and has loads of detail

L loved the excavation block, it’s a fave past time of ours anyway, but this was a lot bigger than ones I usually treat him too and it kept him going for ages! He used the smashing tool to bash it, drill into it using the point and excavate using the chisel like end of the handle and really enjoyed finding yet more bones.

He was really happy that he got to build this

Then we got to make the Dino Skeleton which is now proudly on display and will be kept for a long, long time!

This isn’t a cheap toy but it is worth the money and will provide a lot of long lasting play. From adding to, or starting, a Smasher collection to messy play this Epic Egg has it all and is so much fun.

Inside Epic Dino Egg
More dino faces

The Dino Epic Egg is £24.99 and available at Smyths, The Entertainer, Argos, Tesco, Asda, B&M, SAINSBURY’S Supermarket and all the major retailers.

Disclosure – we were gifted our egg, along with some other Dino Smasher goodies in return for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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